Hong Kong Trip 2019 Recap

Last year's trip had us in Oahu in early May. We realized after the trip that it was great timing. Kids were back in school from spring break but school was not out for summer break. It was a great relaxing trip. This year, however, we had quite the tiring trip to Hong Kong, not... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading 2019: Barnes and Noble

[Note: This is a repost of an old post with slight updates.] And so it begins… We enjoy our park playdates and mini-road trips and vacations and bike rides and Vacation Bible School during the summer months, but we’re also super chill and bookworm-ish (read: nerdy), so we enjoy all the different summer reading programs.... Continue Reading →


by Melody, age 12 Whenever we read about other people's lives (I'm talking about famous, well-known people in history or the news), we always think "Oh, wow!" Or "How can I become like them? But in reality, these women were human, after all, and it was their strong faith and beliefs that made them brave to... Continue Reading →

Kid Power Volunteer

If you're a middle schooler looking for a volunteer opportunity, the libraries are looking for kids going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to help other kids spin the wheel and stamp the board for the Summer Reading Program. (Keep reading for details!) In Castro Valley, the orientation dates and times are Wednesday, May 29th,... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Summer Fun

Summer break may be here already for some families. We were chatting with friends about things to do and places to go! Our post on summer reading programs (and more) will be coming soon, but here are some outdoorsy things to do when the UV Index shows safe numbers.  Some are local-to-us but if you... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms Across The Country

Originally, the Cherry Blossom Festival started when Japan gifted the United States 3,000 cherry blossom trees as a symbol of friendship. These trees were planted in March 1912, in Washington D.C., by the first ladies. They still do this to the present day. In return for the cherry blossom trees, the U.S. sent flowering dogwood... Continue Reading →

What Am I Feeling?

Have you ever not known what to do with your emotions? Or with other people's emotions? This book, What Am I Feeling? describes how we can give each of our feelings a name, and how we can take control of our feelings. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. *What Am I Feeling?... Continue Reading →

Castro Valley Marketplace

When people ask, "What's good around here?" it used to be a bit hard to answer. There were a good number of decent places, but we come from San Francisco where there are lots of good eats open all hours of the day and night. Slowly but surely, there are some eateries arriving on the... Continue Reading →

Apollo 11

In our school group, we learn and memorize a history sentence every week. In Cycle 3, we learn about US history. Week 21's prompt is "Tell me about US astronauts." The sentence that is recited is: "In 1989, U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon." We... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at Winter

These "A Look Back" posts are probably more for me than it is for your enjoyment but hopefully they will spark a reflection spirit in us to review what has happened last month and reset ourselves for the next month. I'll try to share a little snippet of life in the previous month. I don't... Continue Reading →


Has anyone ever given you something you didn't deserve? Maybe someone treated you to a yummy dessert just because you're friends. Maybe someone finished a book and passed it on to you to read. God showers grace on all of us and we read more about it in this new book GraceFull. *Note: This post... Continue Reading →


We love finding out about new music that is coming out. Our recent favorite is Francesca Battistelli's Own It. We can't wait to check out more of Mack Brock's music. Have you heard his songs before? *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. *Covered Release Date: March 22, 2019 Publisher: Sparrow Website |... Continue Reading →

And Social Justice For All

Anyone can make a difference - if you're young or old. Don't wait! Start today! *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. *And Social Justice for All: Empowering Families, Churches, and Schools to Make a Difference in God's World by Lisa Van Engen  Released: February 26, 2019 Publisher: Kregel Publications Page... Continue Reading →

A Life of Lovely

Have you ever felt like you were just broken? Like things were just wrong in your life and you didn't know how to fix it? In this book, A Life Of Lovely, Annie F. Downs explains how to look for lovely even in the midst of hurt. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Brunch

We received a few questions about the Christmas brunch we hosted for my family. Here are some quick details and if you have more questions, feel free to ask and I can add the answer to the post. 🙂 Since my nephew's birthday was not too long ago and my parents hosted at their house,... Continue Reading →

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