Day 5: Asia Adventures [Hong Kong 2019]

Welcome to the daily recaps from our Hong Kong trip. Each post will include highlights of the day, followed by a summary by Melody (age 12), then photos (by Joyce (mom) and Norm (dad)) with captions by Emily (age 10). We will be sharing reviews to the places and restaurants we visited after the recaps are all done. Enjoy!

Day 5 – Wednesday, June 5

– Breakfast of Disney Donuts
– Family + Friends Bus Tour
– Chinese Christian Cemetery
– Dim Sum in Kowloon City area
– Tate’s Cairn Tunnel (Longest Tunnel in HK)
– HK/China Border
– Sha Ting Public Library
– Snoopy’s World
– Dinner from McDonald’s

Summary by: Melody
Captions by: Emily

Extra comments (in italics) by: Joyce (mom)
Photos by: Joyce (mom) + Norm (dad)

Note: Some links in the post will direct you to our reviews of the places. Links to all related/previous posts are at the bottom of this post.

We had an (almost) all-day Hong Kong tour with relatives. We have a relative that actually does tours there, so we got an exclusive bus tour through some parts of Hong Kong where most people don’t get to visit. We went to the cemetery first. This is not your typical tour stop but we wanted to pay respect to those who have come before us. It felt like the hottest day since we arrived. Everybody felt fatigued. But we saw my great-grandpa’s grave and also Yeh-Yeh’s brother’s grave. Also, the buildings in this area had to be built low so that planes can easily fly overhead when the old airport was in this location. The oldest part of Hong Kong, the churches were there for almost six hundred years, and they haven’t changed much! The buildings around them have though.

We ate dim sum for lunch and we liked the custard buns again. That’s pretty much my favorite thing. After that, we visited where Po-Po (my grandma, mom’s mom) used to live. There were a lot of apartments there, and I can see how if she lived up there it’d be dangerous. It doesn’t look safe. She has told many stories of the Hong Kong days and now we can better understand where things took place.

Next, we drove through the longest tunnel in Hong Kong – Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, and kept going toward the Hong Kong-China border. The army guy in his green camouflage outfit told us to not go any further. On our way back, we stopped in areas you don’t normally tour. We went to the shopping district after that. People from the mainland like to go to Hong Kong to get this stuff at a cheaper price. This also goes for tourists, which is probably why Chinatown looks the way it does. And in typical Moy fashion, we wanted to go check out a library. Puns always intended. It had English and Chinese books. It had a study room, coffee corner, media room, music section, newspaper reading room, and more! Our last stop was Snoopy’s World. It didn’t cost anything to get in and was a fun place to take photos. Finally, we took the bus back to our hotel and got McDonald’s for dinner. It has been interesting and fun to try new things that we don’t have on our American menu, like Shake Shake fries and chocolate pies. They have a few other things that don’t seem as “fast food”-like as our McDonald’s.

Breakfast of Disney Donuts

Family + Friends Bus Tour

Chinese Christian Cemetery

It was HOT!

Dim Sum in Kowloon City area

In the bus! It was a hot day and it was a woozy ride.

This is where Po-Po (maternal grandma) used to live. My mom grew up in a small apartment with her parents and 4 siblings in the building on the left. It was not a safe place when she was here. Because many of the shops sell auto parts, it seems to be where they park the cars to be fixed now.

Tate’s Cairn Tunnel (Longest Tunnel in HK)

HK/China Border

Sha Ting Public Library

You can’t keep us away from the books. :p

Geronimo Stilton in HK!

Snoopy’s World

Dinner from McDonald’s

McDonald’s again!

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Have you been to Hong Kong before? What were some highlights from the trip? Do you have any travel tips?

Click on the link to view some more photos from DAY 5. (coming soon)

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