Hong Kong Trip 2019 Recap

Last year’s trip had us in Oahu in early May. We realized after the trip that it was great timing. Kids were back in school from spring break but school was not out for summer break. It was a great relaxing trip. This year, however, we had quite the tiring trip to Hong Kong, not necessarily from our schedule and activities, but because it involved a lot of walking in hot and humid weather, busy and crowded streets and public transit areas, as well as carrying of luggage up and down many steps! We do have to admit that it was quite an adventure that we will not soon forget. Below are some of the places we visited and the restaurants we ate at, but we will add the links and details as we share the blog posts about each day’s activities. (If no meal is indicated, I promise we did eat! We probably had some snacks we brought or leftovers of pastries. Sidenote: If you’re wondering why McDonald’s made it into our meals so often, it’s because it was right across the street and they have different menu items we don’t have here in the states so it’s fun to try new things.)

Airline: Singapore
Lodging: EatonHK
Ride: MTR + bus = public transportation

Day 0 – Friday, May 31

– Depart from SFO
– Supper on the flight
– Breakfast on the flight
Read about Day 0 HERE.

Day 1 – Saturday, June 1

– Arrive at HKG
– Bus to Eaton HK
– Check in to Eaton HK
– Dim sum at Star Seafood Restaurant
– Light dinner at Australian Dairy Co.
Read about Day 1 HERE.

Day 2 – Sunday, June 2

– Breakfast from 85* Daily Cafe
– MTR to Tai Po
– Church at Tai Po Baptist Church
– Late Lunch
– Visit with Relatives
– MTR back to Eaton HK
– MacPherson Park
– Snack from Mammy Pancake
Read about Day 2 HERE.

Day 3 – Monday, June 3

– Breakfast of leftovers
– MTR to X15 to Victoria Peak
– Lunch at Wildfire+
– Wing Yuen Chops and Printing
– Longest escalators
– Dinner from Yat Lok Restaurant
– Temple Street Night Market
Read about Day 3 HERE.

Day 4 – Tuesday, June 4

– Breakfast from McDonald’s
– MTR to Shuttle to Disneyland Hotel
– Dim Sum at Crystal Lotus
– Disneyland
– Dinner at The Explorer’s Club Restaurant
– Shuttle to MTR to Eaton HK
Read about Day 4 HERE.

Day 5 – Wednesday, June 5

– Breakfast of Disney Donuts
– Family + Friends Bus Tour
– Chinese Christian Cemetery
– Dim Sum in Kowloon City area
– Tate’s Cairn Tunnel (Longest Tunnel in HK)
– HK/China Border
– Sha Ting Public Library
– Snoopy’s World
– Dinner from McDonald’s
Read about Day 5 HERE.

Day 6 – Thursday, June 6

– Brunch at Charlie Brown Cafe
– MTR to Lantau Island
– Ngong Ping 360
– Snack at Honeymoon Dessert
– Dinner from McDonald’s
– A Symphony of Lights
– Statues at Avenue of Stars at Victoria Harbour
Read about Day 6 HERE.

Day 7 – Friday, June 7

– Pack
– Lunch with Relative
– Check out
– Snack at Kam Wah Cafe
– MTR to Airport Express to HKG
– Dinner at McDonald’s
– Depart from HKG
– Arrive at SFO
Read about Day 7 HERE.

Although it was an exhausting trip, it was a much-needed break from the regular routine after weeks of end-of-school-year activities. We’ve much to reflect on and will not take for granted some of the things that we did not have during our week in Hong Kong. (repost) And to reiterate (probably every year), traveling can be a challenge, but we learn a lot about what or who (or Who) we can depend on to stick with us and it also gives us time to reflect on where we’ve come from and where we’re going back to. Again, we will add links to this post as we do reviews and daily recaps.

Have you traveled lately? Where have you been? What should be our next destination? Where would you like to go? What are your best travel tips?

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