Doodle Fun

Last month we had a lot of fun doing the 21 Doodle Days through Diane Bleck's Doodle Institute. The course is no longer free but there's still a fun way to join in the doodle fun this summer. Diane has a new app called DoodleTV and we are having summer camp together! It is 12... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading Programs 2020

It is always a fun bonus when there's a prize for reading books. I'll add to this list as the programs start and (perhaps give updates as we finish them!) ūüôā TIP: Make sure to have a timer on hand to track those minutes! (We used to have the timer bookmark lights we realized the... Continue Reading →

Where is Wisdom?

Here's a look at a new book from B&H Kids for your family: *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our¬†disclosure policy here. Website¬†| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram *Where is Wisdom? Melody (age 13):¬†This book is about wisdom. Wisdom can only be found in God because He is all-powerful and knows EVERYTHING and... Continue Reading →

Shelter In Place Survey for Youth!

After I posted my Shelter In Place Reflections forms and journaling pages, the girls decided they wanted to make something for youth so here are some surveys. Not bad for their first-ish time during Google Forms. It's a beta version so let us know what you think - what can be added or adjusted? Thanks!... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Here are some snapshots of our family through the year. We had fun in the ordinary things and in some big things. We look forward to different things in the new year and hope you will join us on in the adventures no matter how big or small and near or far!

Christmas Jars (DVD Giveaway)

If you're looking for a feel-good, inspirational story that brings hope and kindness to light, this is the movie to see!!! From the start, you will be drawn to the wonder of Hope's story and the mystery of her past as well as her investigation of her present present - a Christmas jar! *Note: This... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at Summer

These "A Look Back" posts are probably more for us than it is for your enjoyment but hopefully they will spark a reflection spirit in us to review what has happened last month and reset ourselves for the next month. We'll try to share a little snippet of life in the previous months. I don't... Continue Reading →

Overcomer Books

Melody and I enjoyed the movie Overcomer so much! We heard some friends watched it more than once at the theater. So we were thrilled for the opportunity to check out these new books based off of the movie. Keep reading for our thoughts on them. *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our¬†disclosure... Continue Reading →

Books for Young Readers [August 2019]

Here's a look at some new resources from Zondervan this month for your family: *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our¬†disclosure policy here. Zondervan Website¬†| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram *The Berenstain Bears: The Trouble with Tryouts Emily (age 10): Sister Bear was a very good soccer player. There were soccer tryouts but... Continue Reading →

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