Faces + People Doodle Fun

At the beginning of summer break, we had a lot of fun doing the 21 Doodle Days through Diane Bleck’s Doodle Institute. The course is no longer free but there’s still a fun way to join in the doodle fun this summer. Diane has a new app called DoodleTV and we are having summer camp together! It is 10 weeks of doodling together. There are 3-4 lessons and then we get together for a “fireside chat” on Fridays. Diane featured my doodles during the chat and in her email the first week which was a fun surprise. She also highlighted one of Emily’s Etch-a-Sketch doodles another week. There are also weekly prizes so that’s a bonus. Below are some of what I posted inside the Doodle Girl + Friends FB group. People are so creative though!! If you’re not on FB, but you’re on IG, check out the #doodleinstitute hashtag.

But for now, join Diane and lots of doodling friends for summer camp!
(Image: Diane Bleck / DoodleTV)

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When it comes to creative stuff that’s drawing/art related, I (mom Joyce) am not that great. I usually can copy what someone else shows me to do but I can’t really come up with my own concepts and scenes. So it’s natural that doodling is something we would do. I wasn’t sure if the girls wanted to share some of their doodles but if they do, I guess you’ll see them here. šŸ™‚

A work-in-progress šŸµļø

We don’t have any different skin color markers but we do have some colored pencils. The faces were surprisingly more challenging than the gumdrop people themselves. I think it was the eyebrows. :p I think I still need to do some work but they turned out pretty cute.

We used our newly acquired doodling skills to make some cards for care packages for some friends in need of a smile this summer. We’re working to get some basics for the school year if you’d like to join us!

Other Doodle-ish resources:

Doodling supplies we used:

Do you doodle? What are you doing this summer?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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