SF MoMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

Captions by: Melody (10) and Norm (Dad)
Photos by: Dad Norm
More info here –> sfmoma.org

Before the SF MoMA

We got to ride on the BART train. I wasn’t so happy since I get motion-sickness. Once we got there, we walked, since we had to go to the Embarcadero station. We got special permission from the agent to go to Embarcadero since our tickets were damaged. I had to go through the emergency gate.

Lunch in San Francisco

Once we got there, we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Apparently, it’s also known as CPK. We sat at the bar and got great service. I got strawberry lemonade and my dad got Vitamin Water. Then, we ordered a half-pineapple, half-Margherita pizza, for us to share. I really liked it. Also, I got an extra napkin. I needed it since I was getting messy with my pizza.

Off to the SF MoMA!!!

We walked to the SF MoMA. It was quite a walk, but worth it because we got a lot of pictures with all the pieces I liked. (I’ll tell you more about that later.) So when we got there, the lady at the front desk recommended we start at the 7th floor (the museum has 7 floors) and work our way down to the bottom.


We followed her advice and went to the 7th floor, which turned out to be a music floor! My dad and I both love music, so this floor was perfect for us. This floor also had a wheel that powered all of the other machines around it. Each one powered the other.

The next room had a big “lake” with ceramic bowls floating around in it.  Once one bowl hit another bowl, a bell-like sound was emitted.  The area was very peaceful and tranquil.

We went to a room with a bunch of red cords next. Everyone was putting on headphones and walking alongside the cords. At first, I was thinking to myself, “Why are they doing that?” But when I put the headphones on, I understood. There’s an energy coming from the headphones and it sort of buzzes in your ear, getting louder, and LOUDER, and LOUDER as you get closer to the cords. I wasn’t too crazy about it since the buzzing was really loud, but my dad stayed longer. We ended up going back to the tranquil bowl place – which, luckily, did not have buzzing.

The next room had a big box with a bunch of cans and strings all across the place. Think of the game Telephone times 100. I know it’s kind of crazy, but you can actually hear the person if you find the right can! It’s sort of like a maze. Sort of like life.


One of the art pieces I liked was this water reflection painting.

This art sculpture was so amazing. I couldn’t even figure out which side was the front of it! It was really complicated, and my dad and I both agreed it looked like a stack of dominoes. All stacked up, just in a complicated – very, very, very, complicated way.


There were a lot of sculptures on this floor. If I was a namer for this museum, I would name this floor “the sculpture floor” because it’s full of sculptures. We also went to the Oculus Bridge, which isn’t a sculpture. We had to look way down to the first floor. I’m scared of heights! So I just stood back.


This is another painting that I liked. It was rainbow and hilly. There was also a distortion mirror you can look really funny in.


There’s also a sculpture garden outside where there is a “one-way” sign and people who come from way back when.  My dad wanted to take a picture with them. I refused. No matter how much he told me. Note: I am never going to blend in with historical figures. The wall behind the figures is a “living wall” that consists of 21 California native species of living plants.


On floor 2 is the Norman Zammitt (Canadian-born American) painting. We both really liked it because it was colorful and looked like a sunset so we tried to take a picture but it didn’t work. Somebody took a picture for us.

We also thought Emily would like this flower piece.


Floor 1 was the Figure 8 brown statue. We went inside it (we were allowed to go in) but it took us FOREVER, it seemed, to get out!

That was the end of our wonderful and exciting day.  Of course, our feet were tired and we were tired. But it was worth it. Because we love each other and had a good time together.

How far we walked: 4.88 miles

Have you been on a local mini-adventure lately? Where did you go?


Hayward Mural Program

Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Captions by: Melody (10)
Introduction by: Melody
Photos by: Mom Joyce

More info here –> hayward-ca.gov/residents/arts-leisure/mural-program

I’ve always known that Hayward has murals. Actually, the only one I think of is the one at the theater. You probably drive past them too. But do you ever wonder, do these murals have a history? For Memorial Day this year, my family and I got a chance to get an inside glance at some of Hayward’s murals.

#2 :: Hayward Historical Society Mural by Artist Josh Powell

This was supposed to be the 2nd mural on the self-guided tour, but we saw it first because we parked our car in a parking lot nearby. This mural shows how cars changed Hayward and started an era of rapid growth in Hayward’s history.

Downtown Utility Box (diagonal from the City Gateway Mural)

There are lots of utility boxes that are decorated, just like this one, with the trees on it. You just have to look.

#1 :: City Gateway Mural by Artist Andrew Kong Knight

This one was my favorite that we saw. I liked how the artist captured the light and made so many details. It almost feels realistic!

City Gateway Mural welcomes you to Downtown Hayward, where all of the murals are located.

#3 :: Russel City Mural by Artist Josh Powell

Russel City Mural reminds people of a long-lost erof music and community.

“The city may be gone, but the memories live on.” The city of Hayward still stands strong.

Downtown Utility Box (near Russel City Mural – Artist Jean Bidwell??)

Here’s another utility box that we admired. Since it has the Grand Ole Opry on it, all of the people on the utility boxes are country singers.

#4 :: El Taquito Mural by Artist Linda Longinotti

The El Taquito Mural was outside of a restaurant, so that’s why we were in a parking lot. I like the graceful curves in this mural. If I were to paint a mural (I never will!) I would have no idea where to paint these tiles so they lined up correctly.

#6 :: Italian-Themed Mural by Artist Linda Longinotti

As an Italian themed mural, you’d expect it to have some kind of Italian etched into it, right? Well, it does. A staircase with roses beneath it, Italian-style houses…the beauty brings you straight to Italy.

#8 :: Avalon Jewelers Streetscape Mural by Artist Suzanne Gayle

The first thing I thought when I saw this mural was, “Why is there a huge soda can being dumped on this mural?” and “Why does this mural show unusual things?”

As it turns out, life isn’t always happy. There is chaos and there are unusual things, like the pet frog. But I like how this mural tells the truth: One big happy family with all of our differences. (Like the pet frog, which Emily luckily spotted first.)

#9 :: Cinema Place Parking Structure Murals by Artist Andrew Kong Knight

All of the Cinema murals are theater-themed. I liked the one below because the artist used blending. I’m an artist myself so I know how hard it is to blend. How did he make the spotlights?

#7 :: Downtown Hayward Mural by Artist Suzanne Gayle

Everybody was in awe and amazed by this one. It’s not every day that you get an inside look (with a magnifying glass) at what Hayward is made up of. Take a look and see if you can spot anything familiar!

When we spotted this door, we were excited because it showed where all of the utility boxes were, and everything! Side note: Where can you spot Cal State East Bay?


Downtown Utility Box (near Downtown Hayward Mural)

Our last photo on the list was this utility box. My favorite color is purple, so I took a picture in front of it with my sister.

We went to the car after that and drove home. It was about a 2-mile walk, not including the ones that we missed (below) so you can probably take your kids if they don’t mind walking. It was cold that day, so that’s why I have my hood up. We did the self-guided tour, but you can always reserve the guided one, too!

We only made it to 9 of the 12 murals this day. The murals we missed are #10 Hayward Main Library Book Drop Boxes, #11 Grand Terrace Sund Wall Mural, and #12 Jackson Street Southern Retaining Wall Mural. There are also dozens of utility boxes, more murals around the city on walls and under freeways, as well as murals at (almost all) the schools in Hayward.

Have you been on a local mini-adventure lately? Where did you go?

Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Mini Lasagna Cups [Kid Food]

First in our Kid Food Summer Series is Mini Lasagna Cups. We originally found another recipe but decided to go with this one, so the ingredients aren’t exactly the same as the link in the bottom of the post. (This post is by Emily in case anyone was wondering who lovepeaceandstyle was.)

The Ingredients

I read the list of ingredients out loud and my mom got out all the stuff. (As you can see, we like to go to Trader Joe’s.)

We measured out all the stuff and it was really fun. The wonton wrappers were really flour-y.

The Process

Mommy was browning the meat.

I’m putting in the marinara sauce.

Jie (pronounced ‘jeh’ Chinese for ‘big sister’) is grinding the salt so the ricotta cheese will be tastier and more flavorful.

I did the same thing as Melody but with pepper.

I was stirring it together so the salt and pepper will not just be on top.

We were putting in the won ton wrappers after the muffin tin was sprayed with cooking spray. We like the coconut oil one from Trader Joe’s.

We put in a spoonful of ricotta cheese.

Melody put in the meat.

We put in the mozzarella cheese.

We added another layer of won ton wrappers and repeated the steps above with the cheese and meat sauce.

It’s ready for the oven!

Let’s eat!

We added a side of salad.

The Result


Our Thoughts

  • Dad – Added a bunch more meat sauce because of a bad experience with ricotta as a kid.
  • Mom – It was okay. Would have it again.
  • Big Sis – They’re okay.
  • Little Sis – They’re good.

We didn’t have a strong opinion about this recipe. It was super simple to make, but nothing fantastic. We’ll take or leave the salad too.

Recipe + Next Time…


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • ground beef (probably only used a little more than a quarter pound of meat)
  • 1 cup marinara sauce (depending on the thickness, I think we could use a little less)
  • 1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese (if you don’t like cheese so much, decrease the amount of this one)
  • salt and ground black pepper, to taste
  • 24 2-inch wonton wrappers (I don’t think ours was 2 inches)
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (sounds good to us!)
  • nonstick cooking spray or oil to grease the muffin tin
  • chopped parsley, optional (the other recipe we were originally going to try didn’t have this on the list so we didn’t buy any)


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  • Lightly oil a 12-cup standard muffin tin or coat with nonstick spray.
  • Heat olive oil over medium heat.
  • Add meat and cook until browned.
  • Drain excess fat from meat.
  • Stir marinara sauce into meat.
  • Season ricotta cheese with salt and pepper, to taste; set aside. (You can skip the seasoning or season each lasagna cup layer lightly if you don’t want to measure out all the ingredients.)
  • Fit wonton wrappers into the tins.
  • Fill each cup with ricotta cheese, sauce mixture, mozzarella cheese.
  • Repeat for another layer.
  • Place into the oven.
  • Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the wonton wrappers are golden brown.
  • Serve immediately, garnished with parsley, if desired.

Bolded instructions can be done by younger chefs!

We probably won’t measure ingredients out next time since it is super easy to just put the ingredients in the muffin cups. Add more of what you like or use less of what you don’t like. It’s a customizable recipe! 🙂 The meat could be done ahead of time if an even quicker meal was needed.

What are you and your kiddos’ favorite recipes to make or foods to eat? Do you like sweets, savory treats, exotic flavors? Do tell!

We used this recipe. There’s a cute little video. Hover over the link before clicking on it with kiddos around in case you don’t want them to say that word.

Library Tour [Summer 2017]

Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Summer Break!

[Summer Series Repost] Whether these two little words bring you feelings of panic or happiness, we probably all have to agree that we have to find a rhythm for our summer days so we don’t feel overwhelmed by feelings of having too much OR too little to do. Our family has had summers of both those dynamics. There were laid-back summers when we didn’t have any plans and just went with the flow of whatever someone called us up to do in the morning or afternoon or evening. There were full summers when we signed up for all the things and packed it in from morning to night. Haha…just kidding, we’re the Moys, we never pack it in from morning to night. :p I (Joyce) am pretty much done peopling after a half day anyhow. But we did have some summers that were fuller than not. And…after finding out how much camps costs (we’ll have to budget for them in the future or use college funds), we have come up with our own flexible schedule for the three months we are “off” for summer (because you know we never stop learning!).

If you are local to us, you can join in on our “fun,” and if you are not local to us, you can survey your own friends to find out what activities they like to do and places they like to go and come up with your on summertime calendar ‘o fun!

Library Tour

So, an afternoon activity we came up with (because afternoon sun does not agree with our skin) is visiting new-to-us libraries in the area! After asking friends about their favorite libraries near and bar, below is the list we came up with for our “library tour” for this summer.

  • Fremont Main
  • Pleasanton Public Library
  • Dublin
  • Manor
  • San Leandro Main
  • San Francisco Main
  • Union City Library
  • Newark Library
  • San Lorenzo

And here are others we may or may not have a chance to visit this summer:

  1. Castro Valley Library
  2. Little Free Libraries
  3. Cal State East Bay

And here are some other favorites of our friends that are not as close by:

  1. Sacramento Library on I St
  2. Sacramento State
  3. National Library in Washington DC
  4. Redwood Christian Elementary
  5. Dixon, IL
  6. Chabot College
  7. Nixon Library in Yorba Linda

Here’s what our friends had to say about their favorite libraries near and far!

We just go to the Dublin one because it’s close to our home but we love it. Clean, organized and spacious. – Yumi

When I lived in the Bay Area I loved the Manor Branch because it’s the first library I remember visiting and I loved the way it smelled and how cozy it was. There was a sunken area which I thought was really cool. My favorite library of all time might be the Sacramento Library on I St. because if the beauty of the building. – Betsy

Castro Valley Library 📚 because there’s a special corner by the window that is really comfortable. ❤️️❤️️❤️️ – Rocio

Many fond memories of young childhood at the San Leandro Main Library before the remodel. And while not glamorous, I got to know the library at Sacramento State really well. Favorite all time is our National Library in Washington D.C. I’ve done the tours, but I’ve used it for research (in the generic reading rooms as well as in the main reading room under the rotunda) too. Amazing, disorienting, awe-inspiring in both cases. All three have one particular thing in common: they have the appropriate “old book” smell. That is key. And don’t trust anyone who says otherwise. – Carrie

For public libraries, CV Library. It’s close to us and the kids have fun – checking out books and movies and finding books to keep in the used book store. I have another answer for my favorite Bay Area library. It’s not a public library though. Redwood Christian Elementary school has the best library I’ve seen in any school – mostly because of it’s awesome librarian. She makes books and reading so fun! Favorite library of all time was the one in my little hometown of Dixon, IL. The outside looked like a castle and the kids department downstairs was full of cozy bean bag chairs and fun book related decor. Summer programs were awesome! Brings back some great memories. – Beverly

Dublin library. I usually go between Dublin and CV, but I prefer Dublin. Clean. Spacious. More variety. – Karen

Castro Valley because it’s local and modern and comfy Favorite library: Chabot College. – Tori

CV for the family because of convenience. The boys make requests online and can usually get whatever they want/need. Favorite library: Probably the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. – Josie

San Lorenzo because of the awesome playground. – Christy

For AC libraries, I like the SLz Library because of the playground…one section for toddlers and one for bigger kids. I’m also partial to it because of the Japanese American history (they had a great display featuring JA history) and the Greenhouse Community Room. Many members/families from my church are listed on the plaque next to that room. Plus in general the storytimes and events aren’t as crowded (though this year the Lunar NY Dragon Dance event was super crowded). For general libraries though I think the San Leandro Main Library is one of the best because of their full care, movie “theatre”/event rooms, law library, children’s library, huge variety of dvds/blue rays and variety in general. – Jessica

We have seen some amazing libraries and would like to visit them all, but since we don’t really have time to do that, please share your pics with us! And we’ll be updating with pics from our library adventures!

Which library is your favorite? What is your favorite thing about libraries – storytime, activities, movie screenings, the books, art / collections displays?

Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Simple Green Smoothies Round #2

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

What is Simple Green Smoothies?

[Repost] I heard of Simple Green Smoothies a few years ago, but because I’m not one to complicate food prep (why do more than I need to if everyone eats fruits plain as it is), I never gave it much thought. But I was reintroduced to the site and its challenge when I was looking into doing challenges because y’all know we love a good challenge around here. SGS was started by Jen and Jadah in 2011. They wanted to share their story of how a simple green smoothie each morning changed their lives, and they wanted to show others how being “green” is easier than we think! So SGS was born. There are lots of smoothies on the website and they have also come out with *a book of smoothie recipes (31% on Amazon right now!). In addition to smoothies, if anyone is beyond the basics (not me! :p ), Jen also has great (and easy-to-understand) information about cleanses, resets, wholesome eating, and making smoothies a meal replacement.

What is the 10-Day Kick Start?

Here’s the 10-Day Kick Start in a nutshell:

10 green smoothies
10 days

The book has a shopping list divided into two weeks so all your ingredients can be fresher. Each day has some useful information about the ingredients.

Prepping for Our Second Challenge

Norm does the grocery shopping around here because he’s better at remembering which stores are best for different items and what deals are available. So here are our shopping details:

– Trader Joe’s and Safeway
– Spinach was bagged
– Oranges and bananas were fresh
– Mangoes, pineapples, and berries were frozen

We didn’t track the cost this time around, although it would compare.

Instead of prepping ahead and freezing all the ingredients in baggies, we kept all ingredients as they were and Norm and sometimes Emily made the smoothies in the morning. We made sure to have the blender, measuring cups, and cups ready to go, and for a few of the days, we poured the coconut water into the measuring cup or peeled and refrigerated the oranges the night before. This saved on time. I think overall time used would be about the same as freezing them in baggies, but we didn’t time it to see the difference. :p

[Read about our Simple 7 Experience HERE.]

What We Did for the Challenge 

I shared in our first green smoothie post that we don’t necessarily drink the green smoothies for any additional health benefits since we do try to get plenty of fruits and veggies. So, once again, we made a serving (16-oz.) to split up among the four of us each morning. It was enough for us since we would still eat a little something as well. (Repost: I will have to say MANY other Simple 7 Squad members have reported smoother skin, more energy, and better overall nutritional decisions in the rest of their meals.)

Note: We have a *Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender and it works for us, but there are high-powered ones, basic ones, as well as personal-size ones in The Blender Guide.

Our Thoughts About the Smoothies

Unlike the Simple 7 Experience, the Kick Start only consisted of spinach as the greens, and I think we were all fine with that fact. Day 1 was Beginner’s Luck, and once again, we all agreed it was the best one. Citrus Crush on Day 10 was a close second for everyone. That is a great way to end the 10 days. We said we would drink it if it was offered to us, but none of really liked Pink Flamango from Day 2.

You can read more of our thoughts on each of the 10 smoothies on these posts: Update #1 and Update #2, but here’s the rating board Melody made for us to track which ones we liked best.

Our Thoughts About the Challenge…and Next Steps

[Repost] This is a great start to healthier eating, especially for people who do not regularly eat greens! It’s like I tell the girls all the time, you won’t know if you’ll like it until you try it. And if you try it and don’t like it, that’s fine too, but make sure to add fruits/veggies in your diet somewhere in your day/week. And if there are allergies or an ingredient you really don’t like, you can just swap it out. The Simple Green Smoothie Formula will help you out with that!

Prepping – Since we just made it in the mornings, the girls didn’t really get a chance to help prep much, but they did help to gather all the tools and ingredients each night. I think we will try to more out the ingredients into containers next time around. We will read through our *SGS book some more and choose a few more new ones to try. Everyone is a good sport about trying the smoothies even if it has ingredients that aren’t our favorites.

Freezing – The spinach blended much better without freezing, so we will continue to keep it out if we ever decide to freeze all the ingredients, but we think how we had the fresh stuff out and the frozen things in worked out perfectly.

Drinking – We definitely will continue to split the smoothies to drink among the four of us. For summertime, it would be a perfect middle-of-the-day drink to cool down from the heat! Be on the lookout for our next challenge!

Have you tried a green smoothie before? What other colors of smoothies have you had? :p What are your favorite green smoothie recipes?

– Check out Simple Green Smoothies here –> simplegreensmoothies.com
– Join the Simple 7 Challenge here –> simplegreensmoothies.com/simple7
– Buy the Simple Green Smoothies book here –> *amzn.to/2lR9xxj (it’s 31% off at the time this post goes live)
Read about our Simple 7 Experience HERE.

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a tiny percentage if you make a purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. Read my disclosure policy here.

Kid Food [Summer 2017]

Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Summer Break!

[Summer Series Repost] Whether these two little words bring you feelings of panic or happiness, we probably all have to agree that we have to find a rhythm for our summer days so we don’t feel overwhelmed by feelings of having too much OR too little to do. Our family has had summers of both those dynamics. There were laid-back summers when we didn’t have any plans and just went with the flow of whatever someone called us up to do in the morning or afternoon or evening. There were full summers when we signed up for all the things and packed it in from morning to night. Haha…just kidding, we’re the Moys, we never pack it in from morning to night. :p I (Joyce) am pretty much done peopling after a half day anyhow. But we did have some summers that were fuller than not. And…after finding out how much camps costs (we’ll have to budget for them in the future or use college funds), we have come up with our own flexible schedule for the three months we are “off” for summer (because you know we never stop learning!).

You can survey your own friends to find out what activities they like to do and places they like to go and come up with your on summertime calendar ‘o fun!

Kid Food

So, an afternoon activity we came up with is cooking! We didn’t survey friends this time, but it would be fun to find out what everyone likes to cook or bake! We did a quick search online as well as on our old blog and find a few items we want to try out (again). Below is the list we came up with for our menu for this summer.

  • Mini Lasagna Cups
  • Tortilla Rollups
  • Shells + White Cheddar
  • Tomato Butter Spaghetti
  • BLT Salad
  • Peach (Blueberry) Crisp
  • Nutella Brownies
  • Pineapple Fried Rice

Here’s what our friends had to say about their favorite kid-friendly meals!

Coming soon!

We have seen some amazing recipes and would like to try them all, but since we don’t really have time to do that, please share your pics with us! And we’ll be updating with pics from our mini-cooking adventures!

What are you and your kiddos’ favorite recipes to make or foods to eat? Do you like sweets, savory treats, exotic flavors? Do tell!


Note: Check out other activities in our Summer Series!

Compassion International + Hillsong Young & Free

Introduction + Captions by: Melody (10)
Photos by: Norm (dad)
More info here –> compassion.com

Everybody was cheering. The music was blasting. I just was one of the many who was there, but I was also a Compassion volunteer, a volunteer who helped some kids get sponsored.

Why We Were There

At first, I was a little uncomfortable. I had only been to about 1 concert before, and that was at our church. I know that concerts are loud. Concert? I thought. But then my thought after, my sensible part of my brain told me, “Melody, it’s for a good cause. You can change people’s lives.” So that’s how, I, Melody, ended up in San Francisco for half a day and late into the night with screaming people. (I was not one of them.)

What We Did

I went to my dad’s work at about 3:30 in the afternoon. If you know me, and I had one short talk with you to introduce myself, you would know that I like singing. And drawing. And writing. So, while I was at his workplace, I drew. He also showed me around. It was pretty nice, with a cafeteria, break room, view of the Bay Bridge…everybody wants a good view of the bridge, right? The view also was around where his coworkers worked, so that that was nice. He introduced me to them. You really can’t believe how quiet workplaces are! You could hear every word that was said. I felt like I was being loud!

We walked to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which had a waterfall. There was a gushing sound as we walked under the waterfall – I have no idea why they let visitors do this, but they do! And I didn’t get that wet. It’s at Yerba Buena Gardens. Supposedly, when it’s warm outside, which it wasn’t on this particular day, people can sit and have picnics on the lawn. People were still sitting, and it was cold! After that, we headed to have a daddy-daughter date at the San Francisco Centre mall. For dinner, we ate Panda Express and for dessert, we ate Ghirardelli’s Chocolate. I ate a sample of a caramel square. We both had the same actually. Then, we left to go to Warfield Theater.

When we got there, there was a HUGE – no, HUMONGOUS – line out front. Most of the people looked like they were college-aged or teens. We had a problem getting in because we had to get in before the concert and had to skip the line. Finally, my dad just called our coordinator for the night. It was actually pretty easy to get there, but not if you were driving, due to San Francisco traffic, which if you live in San Francisco or have lived in San Francisco, you know it is bad. Mostly parking that night, and crowds, though. The entire show was sold out! We were lucky to have gotten where we were placed.

After we finally got inside, it definitely wasn’t how I expected it to be. I thought it might be a ton of volunteers and a huge theater. Warfield theater is small, on the bottom, but when you go to the balcony, on the top, you would rethink that. Some people mysteriously didn’t make it, so our group was small that night. I’d say about 15 people. We were told to sit down, and at 8:00, to come back and put on our Compassion aprons.

We basically enjoyed the whole show. There were flashing lights all around. Not every concert has that, I can assure you! Screaming people, mostly at the end, and at one song, they even turned on their cell phone flashlights! We weren’t sure we were where we were supposed to be, so we hurried all the way back down to check – oh, and also, did I mention, Warfield has a lot of stairs, too! We got to put on our aprons, but then I had to take mine off because some people in the front didn’t have any. Then somebody gave their apron to me. Again, I was asked to take my apron off…until they came with a refill of aprons. Hooray! What a lucky day! We rushed to our spots and then waited for the signal, which was “I’ve got some friends here to help me…if you’d like to sponsor a child, raise your hand.” I was leaning against the banister with my dad since there were no seats because the concert was sold out, as I mentioned before. Once we were signaled, all of the volunteers rushed forward to pass out the packets. Each of the packets had one kid on them. So I passed out one, and one person in another section raised their hand, so I had to hand it out, even though it meant that I wasn’t giving it out in my zone. (Each person got a zone in the theater to hand out packets to)

In the end, we stayed until about 10:00 to pass out kids. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? My dad and I worked together to help somebody sponsor one, but other than that, I got nobody. Apparently, you’re lucky if you can get one. And with this young crowd, they would probably have to ask their parents first.

We went home, since it was past 10:00 p.m., and there was lots of screaming and a long line out the door. I can remember it very clearly if you ask me. Home again, home again.

How Many Kids were Sponsored?

At the beginning, they did a head count and told us how many kids there were available to sponsor. During the sermon they were talking about for every kid, a generation is saved. I only got 3, but that’s ok.  I found out 75 children’s lives were impacted because of this event! That’s great!

Making a Difference

The number of kids available to sponsor may seem like a lot, but there are even more kids out there. There were symbols on the cards that showed how much they were in danger. I organized them into the ones that were in the most danger because I really wanted them to be sponsored. But there were ones who were in danger who didn’t get sponsored. I know I had the opportunity. But I didn’t use it. So today, I ask you, what can YOU do to make a difference in this world? What can you do to potentially change generations? Remember: 1 child, 1 generation.

A Note From Melody’s Mom:

We have been sponsoring Compassion children since college days with our church youth group. Then, when the girls were little, we found two little girls who shared the exact same birth dates with each of our own. It has just been a part of the girls’ lives, and as we shared in another blog post, it is rare to find volunteer opportunities for younger kiddos, so we hopped right on this one when I saw the age for volunteering was 10! I remember (snail) mail coming to our house about children sponsorship when I was young and thought it was a weird thing to do, but learning more about the details of organizations like Compassion International and Badjao Bridge changes things. (Sidenote: If you search “compassion” on our old blog, you can read a few posts there. We also sponsor a little girl through Badjao Bridge if anyone is interested in learning more about my friend’s organization.)

What are some of the service projects you and/or your family have been a part of locally or globally? What was the experience like?

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