Boats + Fish Doodle Fun

At the beginning of summer break, we had a lot of fun doing the 21 Doodle Days through Diane Bleck’s Doodle Institute. The course is no longer free but there’s still a fun way to join in the doodle fun this summer. Diane has a new app called DoodleTV and we are having summer camp together! It is 12 weeks of doodling together. There are 3-4 lessons and then we get together for a “fireside chat” on Fridays. Diane featured my doodles during the chat and in her email the first week which was a fun surprise. She also highlighted one of Emily’s Etch-a-Sketch doodles another week. There are also weekly prizes so that’s a bonus. Below are some of what I posted inside the Doodle Girl + Friends FB group. People are so creative though!! If you’re not on FB, but you’re on IG, check out the #doodleinstitute hashtag.

But for now, join Diane and lots of doodling friends for summer camp!
(Image: Diane Bleck / DoodleTV)

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When it comes to creative stuff that’s drawing/art related, I (mom Joyce) am not that great. I usually can copy what someone else shows me to do but I can’t really come up with my own concepts and scenes. So it’s natural that doodling is something we would do. I wasn’t sure if the girls wanted to share some of their doodles but if they do, I guess you’ll see them here. šŸ™‚

A work-in-progress šŸµļø

This was a fun week! The fish, boats, and lighthouses were all very fun to learn to draw. We watched Rend Collective’s My Lighthouse when we were going through that lesson. And I told stories to the girls of when I had outdoor ed in 5th grade at Pigeon Point where the lighthouse is in Pescadero.

Other Doodle-ish resources:

Doodling supplies we used:

Do you doodle? What are you doing this summer?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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