Fill A Backpack

The girls have been getting in on the ALIVE action. :p

I’ve been helping a friend with her nonprofit this past month and while we’ve known of the needs of our community, it is eye-opening diving into even the behind-the-scenes work that is done.

ALIVE loves and serves children who are experiencing foster care, homelessness, and undocumented status. Through academic and social-emotional intervention, we guide uprooted children through the process of feeling grounded within themselves and their communities. Our elementary-age students learn how to embrace who they are, envision their future, and to engage the skills they need to actualize their dreams.

I can’t get the video to be embedded correctly into anything so click either the link or the image to bring you to see E’s Scratch coding project/game. 🙂 She actually made it last month but we didn’t have a chance to get back to it. I think the pencil and the logo are the only things she didn’t draw in the program. What!? Much more creative than me! (Also, noticed that it’s WIP :p ) I also like her Notes and Credits.

We are almost to the finish line for this round of filling backpacks. Help us by sharing the posts or making a donation.



I (mom Joyce) shared some more in this post YOU ARE A PART OF A BIGGER STORY. While the backpack drive will possibly be a once-a-year or based-on-needs event, the needs of the students in our community are ongoing. Consider partnering with ALIVE in different ways – volunteering, financial gifts, teaching resources, donation match, writing encouragement notes, and more.

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