Pass the Pig Game

M’s class used to play this game during review time of the different subjects. They had so much fun. We had this on our list to buy for the longest time and finally got it for ourselves for Christmas. It has already gotten the most use out of all the gifts we were gifted.

pass the pigs5

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*Pass the Pig Party Edition

It was originally a dice game and somehow ended up with pigs as the dice in 1977 (wiki link). You try to roll your pigs to match what’s pictured on the roll card. You get points and the first one to 100 wins. In the previous link, it shows the frequencies of certain rolls. We have the party edition which comes with a carrying case and tiny pigs. There are different versions that come with bigger pigs. A different company has giant inflatable pigs.

pass the pigs1pass the pigs3pass the pigs4

Here are a few other version of Pass the Pig:

What were your favorite games growing up? What are your favorite games now?

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