Central Park and Japanese Garden [San Mateo]

We were in the area so we decided to go on a semi-unplanned small adventure to Central Park and Japanese Garden in San Mateo. Besides all of the activities that happen at the park, there is also a Japanese Garden, Central Rose Garden, Mini-Train, and Park and Picnic areas. We didn’t get a chance to go through the whole park but we enjoyed what we saw there. We saw kids playing soccer, some people doing yoga, a few just sitting in nature, and lots of families just taking a stroll.

Japanese Garden

I read that there is koi feeding during certain months in the year.



PXL_20220129_193829112 PXL_20220129_193900054

PXL_20220129_194246181 PXL_20220129_194701653

Rose Garden

The roses are not in bloom yet but maybe we will come back when they do. There were some interesting names for some of the roses.


PXL_20220129_194851756 PXL_20220129_194826332

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We have seen some amazing parks and playgrounds and would like to visit them all, but since we don’t really have time to do that, please share your pics with us! And we’ll be updating with pics from our mini-adventures!

What are your family’s favorite activities at the park or playground? Swings, carousel, rock wall, train ride, tube slide, bridge?

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