Day 7: Asia Adventures [Hong Kong 2019]

Welcome to the daily recaps from our Hong Kong trip. Each post will include highlights of the day, followed by a summary by Melody (age 12), then photos (by Joyce (mom) and Norm (dad)) with captions by Emily (age 10). We will be sharing reviews to the places and restaurants we visited after the recaps are all done. Enjoy!

Day 7 – Friday, June 7

– Pack
– Lunch with Relative
– Check out
– Snack at Kam Wah Cafe
– MTR to Airport Express to HKG
– Dinner at McDonald’s
– Depart from HKG
– Arrive at SFO

Summary by: Melody
Captions by: Emily

Extra comments (in italics) by: Joyce (mom)
Photos by: Joyce (mom) + Norm (dad)

Note: Some links in the post will direct you to our reviews of the places. Links to all related/previous posts are at the bottom of this post.

We walked to 85° Daily Cafe again. We also heard that it was a Hong Kong holiday, and that they were having a dragon boat festival. It seemed like there were about a million people out. Daddy wanted to see the Fitbit ads in the metro tunnels at Causeway Bay that they talked about in their work meeting last month but there were only two up.

Afterwards, we went to get pineapple buns, and those were good except there was no space in the restaurants and we had our suitcases with us, so they were on the street locked together and not locked to the wall. We were trying to figure out the best way to get to the airport but it took a long time, so after waiting some more, we finally took the metro to the airport express. When we got to the airport, we waited some more (waiting is a theme in this trip!) and got souvenirs at a gift shop. We were looking for Christmas ornaments, but we couldn’t find any until the third try. We got McDonalds (yet again!) and passed through security. Except we didn’t have a gate since it was still early, so we had to wait for a super long time, again. We finally got a gate, and we played cards. The flight was okay and we all got at least some sleep on the 14 hours back. We also watched movies to pass the time.

When we landed, it took about an hour to get to the gate because none were available for our plane. Then we went through customs and were finally on our way back home!


That’s us all packing in one bed! We’re not as strategic as we’d like to be or as organized as you might think when it comes packing. We make a travel purchase each year to add to our gear. We didn’t even have packing cubes until last year! Hello?! Where have we been? We don’t have the “pro” kind but they definitely are a gamechanger. While we always do all carry-on (to avoid wayward luggage or lost items), it’s easier to track all our vitamins, medications, and such in one suitcase…it’s usually mine which means some of my stuff has to go in someone else’s suitcase. One day we’ll have a system. A word about packing before the trip: it seems like we pack early but we just get things ready. We don’t own much in way of clothes (I hate shopping) so we do pretty much have to wait until the last minute to do things in after doing laundry. If this sounds like you, it can be done! We don’t need as much as we usually think we do!

Lunch with Relative

The yummy homecooked lunch that was brought to us! Super hospitality considering he had to travel upwards of 45 minutes to come to us by bus…and it was a holiday so the streets are super crowded. We can learn a thing or two!

Check out

So long, Eaton!

Bye McDonald’s! 😦

Bye, glass elevator!

So long, hotel room!

Goodbye Llama! Pretty sure it’s a llama and not an alpaca…do we have any llama/alpaca experts in the house? :p 

Snack at Kam Wah Cafe

Ooh, Ahhh, Yummy, delicous, goodness! Yes, please put a slab of butter in all our pineapple buns! :p It was sooo good though!

They weren’t even chained to the wall! And while we waited and ate on the far side of the crowded restaurant, this was the state of our luggage outside on the sidewalk. :p hahaha It actually could be easily been chained to the wall since that’s where the chain was hanging but I suppose if someone wanted to steal 6 suitcases chained together, that would be a little susipcious.

We found some Fitbit ads in the subway.

MTR to Airport Express to HKG

Us in the airport express train

Us scanning our passports to get our boarding passes. ~Melody 🙂

Depart from HKG

Us on the plane early

Plane food!

Almost there! So close…yet so far. We were supposed to arrive ahead of schedule but once we landed there was no gate for us, so we waited an hour for one.

Arrive at SFO

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Have you been to Hong Kong before? What were some highlights from the trip? Do you have any travel tips?

Click on the link to view some more photos from DAY 7. (coming soon)

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