My Birthday Cake (a bilingual children’s book)

Here’s a look at some new bilingual (Chinese/English) book from Katrina Liu of Mina Learns Chinese:

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*My Birthday Cake

by Katrina Liu

Mina is growing up! She has a birthday to celebrate. In this book, we get to learn lots of words related to baking, and we also get to learn the birthday song in Chinese. You will feel like you’re a part of the process as Mina decides what kind of cake to make for her birthday. Then, she goes through the steps of mixing the ingredients and baking the cake. She is glad to have her friends join the party. Another delightful book to engage children in reading bilingual books. The conversations are in everyday language and the illustrations are cute as usual. You can choose to read this in Traditional or Simplified Chinese versions of the book and there is also Pinyin and English in both versions.

Get your own copy on the website or on Amazon in *traditional Chinese or *simplified Chinese. For a limited time, *a Kindle version is available for FREE. Make sure to click “Buy now with 1-click.”

We also recommend A Gift for Popo, Mina’s Ups and Downs, and Corgi State of Mind. 🙂

Don’t forget to also sign up for free printables on the Mina Learns Chinese website. You can print out these pages to color and give to someone special on their birthday.


Katrina Liu is an American-born Chinese mom and author living in San Francisco, California. Her goal is to add more Asian representation into the world of children’s books. She’s written a variety of children’s books including bilingual children’s books in Chinese and English for non-native speakers. When her daughter, Mina, was born, Liu searched for well-illustrated, dual-language children’s books with Pinyin and English, but was surprised at how little she could find. Committed to giving Mina the opportunity to become bilingual, Liu created a series of children’s books in Chinese and English. The stories focus on simple everyday dialog with beautiful and engaging illustrations to introduce the Chinese language to young learners in a fun and easy way. Her goal is to continue to provide learning resources for non-native Chinese speakers who wish to foster dual-language skills with their children. Her books are available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and include an audio reading in Mandarin.


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