Where is Wisdom?

Here’s a look at a new book from B&H Kids for your family:

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*Where is Wisdom?

Melody (age 13): This book is about wisdom. Wisdom can only be found in God because He is all-powerful and knows EVERYTHING and is great! This means we need to fear God. Fearing God means we need to stand before him and revere him because we know he is more powerful than us, not fearing Him in a scared-type of way. An example is that Solomon asked God for wisdom. Solomon revered the Lord and he knew he could ask him for anything but he chose wisdom, so that was very wise and humbling of him. We can use this in our everyday lives by choosing to seek out wisdom every day! We can look at all the things that God created and know that He created them! We can pray to Him every day thanking him for waking us up (and surviving another day of quarantine).

Released: March 17, 2020
Publisher: B&H Kids
Page Count: 32
Ages: 4-8

Get your own copy *HERE.

About the Author

Scott James serves as an Elder at The Church at Brook Hills. He and his wife Jaime have four children—Will, Kirstine, Benjamin, & Bethan—who served as the inspiration and original audience for this Advent devotional. They live in Birmingham, Alabama where Scott works as a pediatric physician. Scott serves in the children’s and youth ministries at Brook Hills and is passionate about helping families grow together in Christ.



As always, the Parent Connection is a great page at the end of the book with prompts and questions to help parents engage with kids in a discussion.


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