Teen to Teen Academic Planner

It’s hard to find good planners out there, and when I looked inside this planner, it included some of the elements that make a great planner and help me get organized for the school year.

by Melody, age 12

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*Teen to Teen Academic Planner 2019-2020, Charcoal Graph

Released: June 1, 2019
Publisher: B&H Kids

Page Count: 144
Age: Teens

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This July 2019–June 2020 Teen to Teen Academic Planner, with its simple, clean design and lay-flat pages, provides generous space for capturing your assignments and keeping you organized with monthly and weekly spreads as well as full-year views. Be inspired with encouraging quotes and Scriptures from the best-selling Teen to Teen devotionals, and keep an eye on the big picture with a weekly top-three checklist and gratitude section.

Here is a calendar so you can see all the dates.

Below is a list of contact info, so if you lose the planner somebody can easily contact you.

Below is a list of important dates, like what big events are happening during that month.

You can write out your goals on this page.

This is your weekly schedule. You can put all of your extracurriculars here, or family gatherings, or friend hangouts, etc. On the other side, you can see it says the days of the week, so you can put your subjects there on the day you’re assigned to do it.

On this page you can list out everything you plan to do in August, but since it’s an academic planner, you should list the academic things you plan to do.

I like that there are checkboxes for your everyday use, so you can check off subjects as you go. I also like “This week’s top three”, the quotes, notes, and the gratitude list.

A Note from Melody’s Mom:

The years are going back so quick. I can’t believe I will have a 7th (and 5th) grader this year. She has been pretty good about keeping up with her assignments and other to-dos. She’s a natural list-maker like me, but it’s helpful to have a place to keep all the information that is thrown at teens nowadays. They have their schoolwork, activities, family gatherings, and stuff with friends. I love that this planner includes a few things that I have not seen in other planners, like the Goals pages, weekly top three, and gratitude list. I think they are important things to start thinking about as our teens move on in their independence. It will give them purpose for their days and help them be grateful for what they have so they remember to be a blessing to others around them.

About the Author

B&H Kids creates Bible-centered, engaging content for kids. From board books to Bibles, our resources are designed to help kids develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus and to empower parents to guide their child’s spiritual growth.

Do you use a physical or digital planner? What do you like about it?

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