Scarlett’s Spectacles

I like this book because it talks about our feelings and how we can be glad, sad, grumbly, happy, and other emotions. It also shows that when we wake up we can choose ourselves what we can feel, but that we also have to think about what other people think about you feeling grumbly or happy. Sometimes when they see people being happy or grumbly, they end up feeling that way too! So if you do that, you might make everyone in the town sad or happy or grumbly or glad! It’s the butterfly effect! The butterfly effect is when you do one thing, it can impact thousands of people! It shows that our actions affect other people, not just ourselves. It shows that we should look before we leap! Scarlett’s Spectacles is a great book! Come check it out!

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*Scarlett’s Spectacles: A Cheerful Choice for a Happy Heart by Janet Surette

Released: October 1, 2019
Publisher: B&H Kids

Page Count: 24
Age: 4-8 years
Grade Level: Preschool-2

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*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here.


A Note from Emily’s Mom:

I love resources that help parents teach kids important life skills, especially if they do it in a fun and imaginative way! This book/story was actually a really good reminder for me to think about what kind of glasses I put on each morning and what kind of glasses I NEED to put on each morning. Emotions are good things to talk about especially in our current culture of pressure (in my opinion). While we can ignore the fact that things aren’t always “rosy,” we can acknowledge that there is a whole lot more good than we admit to.

About the Author

Janet Surette is mother to Taylor the Strong, Avery the Good, and Scarlett the Loud. Janet combines the skills of being a Christian speaker, author, and blogger with the wisdom of motherhood to produce winsome messages that engage parents and children alike through rhyme, compelling imagery, and a bit of spunk that crafts timeless messages into memorable resources that instruct and delight. Janet divided her formative years between the United States and Canada, and though she loves living in Barrie, Ontario, she is comfortable on both sides of the border. You can learn more about Janet at

When you wake up grumpy, what do you do to become more cheerful?

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