Q + A for Kids

The book is filled with questions and you get to answer them! There are different years it can be one person or two or more.  There are different pictures on the bottom too! Lots of different questions fill your mind so this is a great way to answer them daily and to know answers. Have fun! And be filled with curiosity and questions! – Emily, age 8

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I never thought about putting the names and ages on your page but now that I think more about it, it’s a pretty great idea!

*Q&A for Kids

Released: February 18, 2018
Author: Scott Bowen
Publisher: Freely Give Co.
Page Count: 370
Ages: Elementary School Age

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Review by Melody, age 11:

What is it about: This book is about questions for kids and you get to answer them.  We picked different colored pens (below-spot the pens!)
Like: I like the Bible verses and the questions and how you can look back at it 3 years later and think, “Was I really like that back then? Wow!” I also liked the simple way of asking the questions.
Dislike: I didn’t dislike anything really.
Recommend: I would recommend this to kids 8-12, (I know that is a 4-year range) but by then you can probably understand most concepts and also write pretty well.

When I am writing this, it is March 9th! So I’ll just answer it now. Musical, a writer, and also an 11-year-old. I LOVE to remind people of my age.

So another quick thought was that I asked my mom, “Does it HAVE to start on New Year’s?” And the answer is no because you can just start on the same day and end on the same day three years later. Below: I love that question. I don’t do it, though.

So Emily is writing on the top line below and my writing is on the third line. (You can choose to do this on your own, or with somebody.)


I love journaling so I love this simple way for kiddos to start journaling. It helps us reflect on all the stuff that is taking up space in our brains! We’ll keep you updated on if we are able to do all three years. And a tip to mamas, give yourself grace if you miss a day or more. These are simple questions if you want to catch up, or just fill in the year as you go even if you miss a bunch of days. I love that we are able to connect with each other on some things we may never otherwise think about as we fill out our answers.

Do you like to journal? What are some of your favorite journaling supplies?



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