A Mid-Month Update [March 2018]

Hello March!

As we head into the end of the first quarter of the year, there is a renewed hope for the year ahead. There are no signs of spring but we rejoice in knowing that new things can spring up anytime. Anytime is a good time to start something new! – Joyce

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Sweet surprise treats from an uncle is the best! The girls were overjoyed as I’m not much of a baker and we never have baking ingredients handy.

We hosted a giveaway this super fun book – Planet 316 Story Bible with Augmented Reality and were surprised there weren’t more entries. 


Rhythm of Rest and Work

You can find Norm playing different instruments on any given Sunday, but if need be, he can also shake that egg shaker like no other. Serve where you are. :p

The CC year is coming to a close and we are grateful for all we have learned together.

The Essentials class had an early Faces of History presentation day and Laura Ingalls Wilder graced us with her presence and even decided to wear her bonnet for once. :p

Journalers gonna journal. The Q+A for Kids journal is another review item we received this month. It’s great for those who don’t really like journaling but want to record thoughts or memories.

Happy Anniversary to Pokeatery! They now have Dole Whip Floats. (See the fun pineapple mason jar mugs that they come in down toward the bottom half of this post.)

Local Adventures

Our church has a First Friday Date Night where childcare is provided and we had to head back to pick the girls up. They always have a blast with their friends enjoying a dinner and a movie. We were able to also have a mini-local adventure. It was a cold evening and we headed out a little later than expected. We had a decent meal at Eko Coffee Bar and Tea House, but we didn’t get a chance to actually play at High Scores Arcade with the old school arcade games. Next time.

Goal Get ‘Em!

Some updates on goals…

We haven’t tried many new recipes lately but we have found that sometimes the classic and simple meals are the best!

I’m not great about sharing reviews of the books I’ve read, except some quotes and thoughts here-and-there on Facebook and Instagram, but if you’re interested in some reviews of what I’ve read this year, let me know. Otherwise, I will mostly just share what I will be reading. (The girls, however, have quite a few books they will be reviewing in the upcoming weeks!! They look like super fab ones, so be on the lookout!) For now, here’s my book list for April!

For now, here are a few highlights from some of my recent readings of Mending Broken Branches. It’s so good, by the way! Even if you don’t think your family was dysfunctional, I think we all have some issues from our past (maybe from friendships, school or workplaces conflicts, etc.) that we need to deal with in order to move forward.

Here’s the final update on Melody’s Care Package Packing Party! She plans to host another in August, so stay tuned! Note: If you are interested in hosting your own, she can help you coordinate one.

Another organization we support is Badjao Bridge which is founded by a friend of ours. We sponsor a child through Badjao Bridge and LOVE seeing the actual impact of our contributions through photos and the trips that our friends take to teach the people to grow their own community. As the girls are outgrowing some of their toys, clothes, or hobbies, they are selling it in a buy/sell group I run on Facebook…like an online garage sale for anyone who is not familiar with these groups. We had the money saved for our “Summer Fun Fund” but never end up using it! That’s how frugal people roll. So we figure someone else could use it more than we weren’t even using it. :p hahaha! If you want to know more, we’ll get the info to you. They have child sponsorship, pearl jewelry sales, a building project, and shoes/books collection.

And to help you get started with goal-setting, I post weekly fill-in-the-blank goal prompts. I’m @iamjoymoy in most places online.

And ending the first half of the month in learning how to really embrace self-care. I felt like I was running on empty for awhile…and that it was what I needed to do, but I realized, that’s not what Jesus did. He took time away to get reenergized. Okay, he didn’t have Mary Kay to help him out, but sometimes it’s the little things to get refreshed and other times it can mean sending your family packing for the day so you can get in a personal planning retreat. (More on that later on my personal blog.)


In other random news…

We love watching this little guy grow up!

Asian market finds…

This is a bit random. I’m not one to be originally creative but I love a good creative outlet. When people buy things from us on the buy/sell group, I practice a little handlettering of sorts on the Post-It to place out front for pickup. :p haha It’s the little things.




  • We watched The Star in theaters when it came out and we’re excited to watch it again. The Star DVD is here!

What have you been up to so far this March?

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