Monthly Recap [March 2018]

Goodbye, March!

How did a quarter of the year zoom by already? This month was mostly full of finishing. A new season is starting and we have a few things planned to look forward to, so the girls have worked hard to stay on track with their schoolwork. It can start to drag this time of year.

If you missed the first half of the month, here’s what happened the first half of March: A Mid-Month Update. I think Melody’s paper on SHIFTING DREAMS sums up a bit of where we are right now, individually and as a family. Of course, she was not writing it for the purpose of this update but it was a wonderful assignment for her class.

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Celebrate Good Times

I’m still waiting to feel a bit wiser and I hope I am because of those around me. 🙂 ❤ Thankful for lessons learned…wherever and whenever…this past year of life. My dad cooked up a yummy meal for us to celebrate my mom’s birthday too! We share one!

Never think you are living an ordinary life. Your story is amazing. Why? Because it is yours. No one else’s story is the same as your story. I am glad to have my mom as a part of my story and am grateful for another year to celebrate.

Melody started interviewing my mom about her life last summer. I don’t think she thought her story was different or unique. I think she even said at one point that she didn’t have a good story. But when Melody started asking her the questions, she realized where she came from and how far she has come. I hope to tell my mother’s story one day because she is extraordinary.

Getting Schooled

Take a look at these girls. It was a challenging year for sure but they persevered and are finishers. While I document quite a bit of our lives, I’m not super great or organized about recording milestones and such. Please don’t ask me when the girls got their fifth tooth or when they learned to skip. I have no clue. So, with that said, these may just be the highlights of some of their learning.

We are so thankful for our CC director/Essentials tutor this year. She took on the task of leading our CC community this year and we have been blessed. Ms. Allie always has a word of encouragement for every parent and student.

Goal Get ‘Em!

Crushin’ goals, trying new foods/recipes, and learning those things, oh my!

I may or may not have started reading my April books…in March. Yes, I know, I am a rebel. A March books update: I haven’t done reviews of the books I’ve read this year since there aren’t requests for them, BUT I will say that I loved one, abandoned one, and just getting into one now this last week of the month.

I have much to say but it is sometimes a bit of a jumble in my brain for this limited amount of online space. I have shared some of my thoughts on my recent blog post. If you are a work-in-progress mom like me, you are WANTED. Read the post to see what I’m talking about.

My dear husband who puts up with my antics and general craziness took the girls out for the day on Saturday (check out their photos below) while I refueled for the first time in a super duper long time with a personal planning retreat. So not exactly “me time” but more of a reprioritizing…a rethinking of why I am doing what I am doing…

The day brought some clarity but it is challenging when we are not simply individuals but part of a family collective where others’ decisions and choices impact our life as well.

In hopes of encouraging other mamas, I started A GROUP and we will be working through life stuff as well as practical actionable stuff like BEING READY.

Get in My Belly

We’re always up for some good eats. We love sharing our food finds, but don’t always have the time to blog about them. Let us know in the comments if you want to know our reviews of either of these places.

We get sent home from my parents’ house with these from time to time to time to time. :p

It looked like we had crouton salad today because they were Texas Toast croutons or Texas-sized croutons! 😂 On Thursdays, we like to have a DIY Dinner Bar like hot dog bar, nacho bar, baked potato bar, etc. because we come home from one activity and head to another after dinner. This is the only day that it is like this but I still like us to sit down for dinner so having the “bar” works out since the prep can be done beforehand. This was a salad bar and it was wonderful because it was in the 80s here that day. ☀ I love that we had half a dozen cheeses to choose from. We love our cheese. We apparently have no love for dressings because we never have those or we can’t remember the last time we used the ones in the fridge. BUT luckily, the girls really like my simple salt and pepper salads, which is exactly like they sound…a bit of oil and some salt and pepper on what salad fixins we have on hand.

This was random.


We were dropping off something completely different but since we knew the person happens to have a Little Free Library, we brought some books along too. I know the next city over has more than a dozen of these and even have a celebration of sorts, where they had out refreshments for people who visited on that day. Local community fun is the best!

It must be book launch season. Is that a thing? Well, it seems like it because we have many great resources and books to share in recent weeks and weeks to come! Don’t forget to follow along on IG or FB. The last giveaway was for a set of board books and we shared about other great books for young readers. And we have 2-3 more giveaways lined up, so remember to check back. Sometimes I forget to share the posts. :p

Our God is a Lamb
the Lamb that was slain
For the sins of the world
His blood breaks the chains

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

Have planner. Will travel. Where should we head next?

How was your March? Any lowlights or highlights? What are you looking forward to in April?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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