Planning for a Trip

I shared this Travel Planner Printables pack in the March Monthly Recap and we are itching to travel again. Homebodies that 2 out of the 4 of us are, we usually stay close to home most days of the year, BUT once in awhile, we love to explore our world, both near and far. We have found fun and adventure in the next town over, a few hours’ drive awayacross the country, or even to the southern hemisphere!

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We have a general “system” for how we plan for our trips and we’ve always had the girls involved in the planning, but it’s so fun watching them get more and more into it every year. We’ve mostly done planning digitally, but in the past, that meant the girls couldn’t help research places to visit and restaurants to eat at unless we guided them. Like most things online, it is challenging to really “see” the big picture of what’s being planned without having to scroll through pages or switch back and forth between screens or tabs. We’ve also never really narrowed it down to what works for us.

Since travel planning has many parts, we are trying to “automate” as much as we can but finding great systems by those expert travelers who explore the world more often than we do and then tweaking it to us…so that we aren’t worrying about the little things when we are there, but enjoying the people, food, and culture of the place we are visiting. So far, it has been great. This printables pack is just one of the resources we have used to help us not miss important details when we travel.

So we’ve used a mix of things to help us not worry about the little things when we are on our trip, but we’ve adjusted it for us! If you already have a plan, great! If not, this printable (or others like it) is a great place to get started!

How do you plan for your travel? Do you have a game plan or do you like to go with the flow?

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