Drink Your Greens in 2019 [Simple Green Smoothies]

Simple Green Smoothies is always bringing green goodness to the world, but they brought back the 30-Day Challenge to do as a community. We have been enjoying these smoothies and more since January 2017. Check out the site for more details –> 30-Day ChallengeSimple 7.

Join us, follow us, tag us! Start anytime after you read this, wrap up after 30 smoothies or whenever, the prize is a healthier lifestyle. 🙂 Oh kale yeah!

Follow us here to see when/if we post our smoothies of the day –> @normmoy | @iamjoymoy | @moychronicles

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We did the challenge a bit different than what was in the resources. You can read about it in THIS POST (Round #1) where we share:

– What is Simple Green Smoothies?
– What is the Simple 7 Challenge?
– Prepping for Our First Challenge
– What We Did for the Challenge
– Our Thoughts About the Smoothies
– Our Thoughts About the Challenge…and Next Steps

More of Our Green Smoothie Posts:

When the weather is warmer, we drink more and have tried a bunch of other recipes from THE BOOK and the app.

We’ll be sharing as we go, but I’m not sure we’ll have them every day this month…unless we turn up the heater in our house! :p

Here are some ways to join us:

  1. Check out Simple Green Smoothies and choose your own smoothie adventures. –> simplegreensmoothies.com
  2. Join the Simple 7 Challenge here –> simplegreensmoothies.com/simple7
  3. Join the 30-Day Challenge here –> simplegreensmoothies.com/challenge
  4. Buy the Simple Green Smoothies book and join the 10-Day Kick Start! –> *amzn.to/2lR9xxj (it’s 37% off at the time this post goes live)
  5. Still not sure? Try Beginner’s Luck! –> simplegreensmoothies.com/beginners-luck-green-smoothie

What I love about options #2+3 and #4 is that they have shopping lists and recipes there all ready to go and handy. It wouldn’t be so hard to create your own, but you also don’t want to choose recipes that call for all different ingredients. For Option #2 (Simple 7 Challenge), you only need to buy 7 ingredients.  For Option #4 (10-Day Kick Start Game Plan), you only need to buy 15-17 ingredients depending on what berries you choose.

Here are our smoothies from Week 1:

Here are our smoothies from Week 2:

sgs30dcwk201a sgs30dcwk202a  sgs30dcwk204a 

Here are our smoothies from Week 3:


Here are our smoothies from Week 4:

Here are our smoothies from Week 5:

Have you tried a green smoothie before? What other colors of smoothies have you had? :p What are your favorite green smoothie recipes?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a tiny percentage if you make a purchase through our link at no extra cost to you. Read our disclosure policy here.

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