Cat’s Cradle Book Kit

Who knew string could be so fun? Who knew it would be a family bonding activity? Who knew people are so creative to come up with string figures? Who knew string could occupy you for long periods of time? Oh, so many questions! :p

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*Cat’s Cradle Book Kit

Publisher: Klutz
Page Count: 36
Ages: 6+

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Thoughts from Emily (age 9)

What is it about: It shows you string tricks that you can do. It shows you step-by-step instructions. It shows you pictures too. The part of the string you willtake next is marked in red in the picture which makes it easy for you to learn.
Like: I liked that it came with a string. I like the pictures because when I got lost in the instructions, they helped me figure out how to make the figure.
Recommend: I would recommend this to people who are interested in learning new things with friends. You can teach each other new tricks.


Thoughts from Emily’s Mom:

E got this gift from my older sister and it has been by her side since she unwrapped it on Christmas morning. I didn’t realize the girls didn’t know how to play Cat’s Cradle until this year. I taught them but we only used yarn which isn’t as stretchy when you need it to be. And since we’re all about using what we have, the yarn was sufficient. The actual book has a brief history of string games and the kit comes with a colorful string which is fun. There are only a few figures. It was a breeze for E to learn most of them, except for the last one called Jacob’s Ladder.

We were out for a family gathering but when we got home, she went back to work trying to figure it out. I tried it a few times without success. We were pretty determined. We finally decided the instructions would not suffice and turned to Youtube for a tutorial. We found one and she got it on the first try. Then I got it!

The next day she preceded to teach her dad and sister who both were able to get it on their first try because of their amazing teacher! We’ve been learning about becoming a better version of ourselves as each day pass so when what was once a difficult task became too easy, they started timing each other…okay, I got in on it too…and got a few PRs. :p We have found a few other figures to make which were pretty fun.

String figure tutorials at Mom’s Minivan and WhyKnot playlist.

You can get your own *CAT’S CRADLE BOOK KIT HERE or find your own string figure tutorials online. You can get *a set of 3 strings or you can use your own yarn.

What toys or games did your kiddos receive for Christmas this year? Share some of your favorites from past years.

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