10-Day Kick Start Update #2 [Simple Green Smoothies]

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Last week, we invited you to join us for a Green Smoothie Challenge. How are you doing? What have you tried and liked?

We’ll do a wrap-up when we end mid-May, but for now, here’s a look at our “green” smoothies from Day 6-10 (here’s Day 1-5 if you missed it) and some of our quick thoughts about each one. Sorry about the foaminess of the smoothies. They were just poured straight from the blender. Also, the color may not be appealing, but there is no correlation between color and taste. You’ll be surprised by which ones you’ll like. We will have more tips and recommendations soon!

Cream Machine

This one is different than the others we have tried. It is thick and creamy. A straw would come in handy.

Peach Coconut Dream

We thought this should be called Grape Coconut Dream instead because it was definitely grape-y. You can see the grape skin in the drink. But the flavor is good otherwise.

Strawberry Carrot Cooler

E – “I didn’t like it. There was too much carrots.” M – “It tasted more like pineapples to me.” J – “I’m generally not a huge fan of carrots, and I could definitely taste the tiny pieces in there, but the smoothie itself does taste more like pineapple.” Carrots are generally more noticeable because of its hardness. This is one you will want to drink right after blending because the “pulp” definitely seemed to separate from the liquid after awhile.

Banana Berry Blast

E – It tastes like blackberries. M – It tastes like almond milk. We are indifferent about this one, but it was not bad.

Citrus Crush

“This is the best one this week!” We all gave this one a thumbs up! Yummy and refreshing.

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Here are some ways to join us:

1) Check out Simple Green Smoothies and choose your own smoothie adventures. –> simplegreensmoothies.com
2) Join the Simple 7 Challenge here –> simplegreensmoothies.com/simple7
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