Day 6: Aloha Adventures [Oahu 2018]

Welcome to the daily recaps from our Oahu trip. Each post will include highlights of the day, followed by a summary by Melody (age 11), then photos by Joyce (mom) and Norm (dad) with captions by Emily (age 9 (age 8 during the trip)). We will be sharing reviews to the places and restaurants we visited after the recaps are all done. Enjoy!

Day 6 – Sunday, May 13

– Depart

Summary by: Melody
Captions by: Emily

Extra comments (in italics) by: Joyce (mom)
Photos by: Joyce (mom) + Norm (dad)

Note: Some links in the post will direct you to our reviews of the places. Links to all related/previous posts are at the bottom of this post.

Today I went on the airplane again. So I woke up at 7:10 a.m. I wanted to sleep in like five more minutes but everybody else was awake so I had to move. We watched the replay of our church’s worship service livestream one hour after recording. And then we went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which was fairly fast for returning the car two hours prior to departure time. We left for the airport in an Enterprise shuttle and then we got off to security. Daddy had to throw his water away like I forgot it last year. That took time because he had to check back in and show his ID and pass again. Fortunately, we had plenty of time before boarding so we sat down at our gate. Daddy took Emily shopping for playing cards and a flower hair clip, and then he took me shopping for our lunch. We got too much food so we still currently have pizza left. Our airplane took a super long time going down the runway but there was a line going down. So when we finally took off, it was 12:45 p.m. Our flight was scheduled at 12:15 p.m. Now we are in the air and I ate a Teriyaki Chicken sandwich and also chips and apple juice. I forgot the water though.


So we are going up the escalator. It’s pretty hard going up an escalator with suitcases, and it’s harder going up.

So we are walking with our suitcases going to our gate. Because it was my birthday day, Daddy got me a deck of playing cards, and one of those flower things. Don’t forget to put it behind your right ear if you’re not taken. And on your left side if you are married.

So we boarded and ate our lunch on the airplane. We got a sandwich, some chips, and a drink.

This is the view of the sun and the wing from where we were sitting. We sat at the back of the airplane.

This is us going home. Finally! Trips are fun, but it’s always good to be home.

Our uncle was picking us up from the airport. We definitely were not in Hawaii anymore. No tropical weather, just chilly out.


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Have you been to Oahu before? What were some highlights from the trip? Do you have any travel tips?

Click on the link to view some more photos from DAY 6.

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