Summer Reading 2018: San Leandro Public Library

The second reading program of the season we’re signed up for is the San Leandro Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. Read about other national and local-to-us reading programs HERE.

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3 Simple Steps

Step 0 :: Sign up at the library or sign up online.

We like have a physical reminder to read and record/review the books, so we go to the library to sign up. But doing the program online is fun too! They will send you book recommendations and choose from a list of fun activities to complete toward getting a badge.

If you sign up at the library, you can add your name to the wall along with other readers. It’s fun to try to find your friends’ names. You also get your a prize just for signing up.

Step 1 :: Choose books + start reading

We have lots of recommendations! Just ask! 🙂

Step 2 :: Fill out your Reading Adventure Passport + visit the Library for your prize

We’re working on it! For each Adventure (there are 3 opportunities to earn a prize from the prize board), you can read 5 books, read for 15 minutes 5 times, or read and choose a discover activity which can be participating in a program at the library or learning new facts. Then you choose one thing to write about or draw a picture of. There are lots of fun movies, shows, and storytimes to attend every week!

The adult program is similar. You can chose to complete activities or read, get stamps, collect a prize for every 5 stamps earned.

6/13 – The girls usually just finish all the tasks because readers gonna read…but we go back each week to get the stamps one at a time for each adventure. In the past years, you could go in every 2 book reports for a total of 10 reports, but this year, it’s 5 tasks (reading or activities) for a total of 15 tasks. I think the format of the adult one needs a clarification or simplification, but it’s slow-going for me even though I’m reading because the number of activities shown are overwhelming. The girls had a fun time finding one cousin’s ticket on the wall and helping another cousin sign up for his very first summer reading program!


Step 3 :: Complete ALL 3 Reading Adventures to earn all the prizes, free ice cream, pizza, + your Carnival ticket

We’re looking forward to it! 🙂

Are you or your kids participating in any summer reading programs this summer?

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