Summer Reading Programs 2018

It is always a fun bonus when there’s a prize for reading books. I’ll add to this list as the programs start and updates as we finish them! 🙂 TIP: Make sure to have a timer on hand to track those minutes! (We have the ones with the light on them but it looks like * has better ratings.) Pizza Hut BOOK IT! App is great for this!! Read LAST YEAR’S POST and a previous YEAR’S POST to read about some fun prizes we won…(forgot to share about my prize which starts with the word FIT and ends with the word BIT…that was a fun surprise).
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(Click HERE to read about some books and series we recommend.)

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program
Half Price Books Summer Reading Program
Alameda County Summer Reading Game
San Leandro Public Library Summer Reading Challenge

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

The free book prize is listed for kids in grades 1-6. Print out the form HERE, have your child answer the questions, drive them to your closest B&N, and choose your free book! Runs May 15 to September 3. Related posts: 20182013 | 2012

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program

It looks like there is a program for kiddos who are 14 and under and there is a program for teens. Print out the form HERE, read for 15 minutes daily from June 1st to July 31st, add up minutes, get parent/guardian initials, turn in completed reading log (300 minutes/month) after the end of each month to earn $5 HPB Bookworm Bucks for something in the store. It looks like there will be a kickoff event, Biggest Storytime of the Summer on Sunday, June 3 at 2 pm.

Alameda County Summer Reading Game

There are programs for all ages at the Alameda County Library branches. The CV library had a poster that showed you can still use the game board or sign up online, but I don’t see any more info on the game board just yet. Last year, we tried to sign up at the library, but we were pointed to signing up online, so I’m not sure if there really two options. We did once again see they are asking for Kid Power Volunteers, so I’m not sure what the volunteers would do if there are no game boards. We didn’t see them often at the reading program table last year. You can check here for the online game –> It looks like the program runs from June 1st to August 31st. Related post: 2010

San Leandro Public Library Summer Reading Program

There are programs for all ages at the San Leandro Public Library branches – preschool to adults! The program starts Saturday, June 2. Visit the library to register and get a challenge board or sign up online. There are challenges that involve readers reading books and/or getting into the community. Last year there were also tasks that are related to the theme which was fun. You can check here for the program –> SL summer reading. The carnival is on Saturday, August 4th, the teen party is Friday, August 10th, and Calypso Craft Party for adults is Saturday, August 25th. Related posts: 2018Melody 2011 | Emily 2011 | Carnival 2011 | 2010 | Completion 2010

Other Summer Reading Programs

I’m not familiar with the rest of these summer reading program, but you can check them out for more free stuff! I’ll add in the dates as information arrives.

  • Pizza Hut Book It Program – Pizza Hut seems to have quite a few options for reading programs and checklists. You can participate through a school program or enroll as an individual homeschool parent.
  • Scholastics Summer Reading Challenge – Log minutes and earn rewards. Starts May 7th and runs through September 7th. I believe this is through the schools, so you can’t sign up as an individual.
  • Berkeley Public Library – Reading Takes You Everywhere! – Dates coming soon!
  • Oakland Public Library – Starts June 9th. Read 20 days during the summer and receive a free book and be eligible to win other prizes.
  • Hayward Library – I haven’t seen any information on this one.
  • Alameda Free Library – Starts June 1st and runs through July 31st. It looks like they do that Beanstack site as well.

Check out THE MOY’S GIFT GUIDE for some book recommendations!

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