A Look Back at Winter

These “A Look Back” posts are probably more for me than it is for your enjoyment but hopefully they will spark a reflection spirit in us to review what has happened last month and reset ourselves for the next month. I’ll try to share a little snippet of life in the previous month. I don’t have a good track record with this so I’m not promising anything. I’d love to hear a recap of how last month was for you – the good, the challenges, prayers needs.

You can read from Joyce’s point-of-view over at A Look Back at Winter [JoyceMoy.com].

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Here’s a recap of what’s been going on here on the blog for the winter season! There were so many more fun and wonderful moments and photos but our brains can’t keep all the things in order. We’re thankful for our family and both new and long-time friends for being a part of our village!


Concerts – There were extra (and long) rehearsals leading up to the performances, so Dad/Norm was able to take the girls and enjoy a date with each one. Emily got front row seat to watch the pizza being tossed. Melody enjoyed one of her faves – a smoothie bowl. The performances were amazing! It was a full house! There was not a single seat left and people were already tightly packed in. Melody’s choir also performed during The Nutcracker at the Bankhead Theater. Their spring concerts will be there as well.

Nephew’s 1st birthday – We had been waiting for this little guy for so long and we’ve had an amazing year watching him grow. The girls have grown a lot with him. They are understanding what it means to take care of a tiny human and how much they love him. It was also a wonderful time getting together with relatives we don’t see often.

More Concerts – These pics were actually from the November performance but the girls sang in the same place with a bunch more Christmas trees a few weeks later too. It’s always fun to watch everything come together on concert night!

Christmas Eve Brunch – We hadn’t planned on doing anything with Mom/Joyce’s side of the family since her parents or sis usually host, but they were all partied out with the nephew’s birthday, so we hosted a little brunch on Christmas Eve. We underestimated how much tweens eat but we think everyone had a nice time.

Dinner with Friends – We had a last minute gathering from friends who are living in Ireland for a few years. It was nice to catch up and it’s great to see that little kids can pick up right where they left off.

Other highlights were going to see Christmas lights in our town, a windy day at the duck pond, and family shenanigans for New Year’s Eve!

December Blog Posts

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Planners Gonna Plan – This girl has some plans for this year. We’ll share more as they happen, just follow along on social media. Jesus already came to save the world, all we have to do it help make it a beautiful place. 😉

Date Night Out – They’re nice when we can make them happen.

Nephew’s Red Egg + Ginger Party – We got to celebrate another little nephew/cousin! The girls enjoyed helping to set up. We enjoyed catching up with some friends from our old church.

We thought we’d mention having to get a tire repaired. Such is life and a random nail in a tire. The rains had been non-stop which had been both great and not-so-great. We need it but it’s a lot!! We can’t complain though.

Ireland – Dad/Norm set off for Ireland on a semi-last-minute-type work trip. We were tempted to tag along since have friends there but the weather wouldn’t have set us for a great time while he was working during the day. Californians aren’t necessarily < 30*F-weather-ready for travel. Maybe next time. Dad/Norm didn’t really have a chance to do touristy things since most places were closed by the time he was off work but he was able to try some fun things. He also visited our friends in Donegal so that was exciting too.

Academics – It was a slow start after winter break but we got into a groove with our school group starting up again and testing.

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Christmas Eve Brunch



Volunteer Appreciation – Thank you First Pres staff for appreciating us!  We love all the details that went into this event. They had a busy week the week before with a big meeting and then putting this together for all the volunteers. There was a fun personalized song performed by the lovely staff and dessert table was amazing. We had fun with the photo props as you can tell. :p

Melody’s 12! – Who gave this girl permission to grow another year older?! She is one of the most amazing, courageous, and kind-hearted people I know.

Happy Chinese New Year! – We hope our kids and grandkids don’t expect this of us because we might just have a meal one step above Panda Express for our future CNY dinners. Grandpa/Dad goes all out every year. Yum!!!!

Random Happenings – A peacock crossing the road is not something you see every day…or maybe it is. If it is, where are you from? :p This was in the backroads on the way to choir rehearsal. We love taking this way even though it is a winding road with hills because there are all sorts of animals just chillin’ in the fields and hills.

Rummage Sale Setup – Our church has been gearing up for this sale since November. We’ve been connecting items and some amazing people have been sorting, washing, and tagging things. If you aren’t local to us and are interested in this campaign, check out Give2023.com. Our church will be raising $1 million to split between two fantastic organization doing legit wonderful work around the world – Badjao Bridge and Hope Unlimited for Children.

February Blog Posts

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Book ListMelody + Mom/Joyce finalized their book list for the year. They will be reading through and working on this stack.


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