Has anyone ever given you something you didn’t deserve? Maybe someone treated you to a yummy dessert just because you’re friends. Maybe someone finished a book and passed it on to you to read. God showers grace on all of us and we read more about it in this new book GraceFull.

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*GraceFull: Growing a Heart That Cares for Our Neighbors by Dorena Williamson

Released:  February 1, 2019
Publisher: B&H Kids

Page Count: 32
Age: 4-8 years

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Homeless shelters like The Chen House kept Ahanu and her family safe from the rain. A girl named Hope showers love to the people around her through a service project and continued to do so after the project was completed. Soon Ahanu and her family weren’t homeless anymore. Are you wondering what grace looks like? You can find out in this wonderful book when you read about what happens next!

A Note from Emily’s Mom:

I love that this story is one that is very real in our communities. What it means to be homeless has changed and it is an experience people in our schools and workplaces are facing. I like how children are shown practical ways to help their neighbors in need. In the back of the book, there is a Parent Connection page that helps us to read what the Bible has to say along with some questions to discuss and ponder.

(Photo Credit: B&H Books)

About Dorena Williamson:
Dorena is a bridge builder, speaker, and writer who loves sharing God’s grace in stories for children. GraceFull draws inspiration from Strong Tower Bible Church, a multicultural faith community where she has served as first lady for twenty-two years. She and her husband, Dr. Chris, have four children.

How can you show grace to those around you? What are some practical ways to serve our neighbors in need?


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