Monthly Recap [January 2018]

Goodbye, January!

January seemed to be one of those months that went by quickly but was at the same time also really loooong. ICYMI, here’s what happened the first half of January: A Mid-Month Update. Also, the above pic? Norm’s desk at his new job. You can ask us about it when you see us. 🙂

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Getting Back to a Routine

We are all about the theme days around town, so we had pajama day, wacky hair day, community heroes day, and superhero day. We added to our stash of First Responders Thank You cards for community heroes day. We are thanking our garbage men and teachers/librarians. We also hope to add ones for nurses. Anything else you can think of?

Moms were invited to Awana this month, and while I sat out on the games (no one wants to see my coughing fit), it was fun to watch the no-mercy moms take first place during gym time. It was also great to meet with our Education Specialist to kick off our 2nd semester of school. It’s great to be mostly caught up with schoolwork even though we had many sick days. And…of course, a new season of community choir started up.

Field Trippin’

No field trips this second half of the month, but we blogged about our individual dates with Norm to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. That’s right, he took each of us out. Thank goodness for company passes and field trips, otherwise, these trips would probably cost hundreds! We each wrote about our dates and which exhibit was our favorite >>>

Goal Get ‘Em!

I’m just about done with setting those 2018 goals. We did come up with quick, general goals during our NYE party but SMARTER ones are better. ;p Food/meal prep is still on the list so below is a look at some meals we made the past few weeks. We haven’t finished blogging about them, but you can check out the One Pot Spaghetti here –> Sidenote: Thanks to *Plan to Eat and the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle (this is no longer available but the *Gut Health Super Bundle is available until 3/31/18), we are working our way to better meal planning, and eventually, healthier meal planning!

The girls are looking forward to sharing some of the new series they have discovered from the library and their Christmas gifts! For now, I have an updated book list for the year >>> and these are the books I’m reading in February >>>

GIVEAWAY ALERT: This giveaway ends on Saturday, so make sure to enter for your chance to win. It’s as simple as commenting on our blog. >>>

As recovery from sickness has been super slow, I am taking things down a notch with the decluttering. I did go through quite of bit of school stuff since we already have next school year on our brains, but I put aside the Declutter 365 challenge with Home Storage Solutions for now and will go on through the tasks as we have time…and health. I’m proud to say the area below is all cleared and stuff has been decluttered from the closet next to it.

We’ve never been good about following the exact Simple 7 challenge plans, but we love our green smoothies! >>>


Little nephew is doing well in the world. The girls are enamored with this little guy and are keeping a “Count-Up” to his first birthday! :p

We really enjoyed the movie Hidden Figures. Someone online asked about it and here was my reply with some added clarification:

I would say it is family-friendly compared to even some animated movies that I’ve seen with slight inappropriate jokes that are meant for adults in the audience. There is a scary “fireball” scene. As always, it depends on the kid, as some images and scenes stay with some teens and adults but there are preschoolers who watch something scary and not care about it afterward. There may or may not be a possible discussion of relationships as one of the characters who is widowed with 3 kiddos remarry. There is some language, but probably not more than they would hear if we sat long enough in a public place…quite a few “d” words. We don’t ever use that kind of language (no worries if you do, we’ll still be your friend), but I didn’t even realize how many there were until we watched it with them. But again, we also don’t censor much in media or our conversations about most topics if it comes up. Some discussion points: segregation, gender gap, education, science/discovery, historical events, friendships…

We wrapped up our first HelloMornings 30-Day Challenge of the year and I am thankful for this community. I am leading a 6-week HelloMornings accountability group for the first time in years. If you’re local, I’m looking for 5-7 women to join me. I ordered copies of the study already, so you can buy one from me at a discounted price when they arrive. If you’re not local to me, group reg will open next week and you can get your copy on *Amazon or a PDF from the HM Shop.

And…it’s been more than 4 weeks since the start of the 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life coaching group with Crystal Paine, but I’m slowly getting through it. I’m not sure if/when registration will open up again, but I highly recommend her other courses *Make Over Your Mornings and *Make Over Your Year.

How was your January? Any lowlights or highlights? What are you looking forward to in February?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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