A Mid-Month Update [January 2018]

Happy New Year!

The end of the year was not how we had thought it would be, but sometimes that’s just life! We mostly rolled with it because what else can you do? If you missed it, here’s how we ended our year –> moychronicles.com/2018/01/15/family-nye-celebration

Getting Back to a Routine

The end of “winter break” meant we slowly started up our routine again. It was nice to find a rhythm after we were thrown off our regular schedule by sickness, Thanksgiving, sickness, concerts, Christmas, sickness, performances, sickness, holiday festivities, sickness of other family members, visits…you get the point. We are glad to be meeting up with our discipleship group, Awana, homeschool group, and choir for a new season of fun, friendship, and food (hopefully :p ).

Field Trippin’

The new semester started out with a field trip for Melody. Norm’s old workplace offered passes to the Exploratorium for employees. He took Emily there for her birthday in May, me as a part of our anniversary day date in August, and since he no longer works there, we took advantage of our homeschool group’s trip for Melody to go with Norm. (I sense a blog post coming soon on our Exploratorium experience.)

Goal Get ‘Em!

We may or may not share more about our goals later. As part of our family New Year’s Eve celebration, we usually think about our goals/plans for the coming year after reflecting on lowlights and highlights of the past year. One of Emily’s goals was to learn to play the guitar. She plays ukulele but now her hands are little bigger to play the guitar too.

I’m still going through the goal-setting process for a few of my goals, and while cooking (or rather, not being anxious when cooking) is not one of my specific goals, I do plan to try new things more often. (One of Melody’s goals is to help out more with meal prep and cooking.) This is indirectly related to one of my “relationship” goals. We did try out one other recipe but didn’t get a chance to share it yet. They’re both brunch-ish recipes because we are seeing if changing things up on Saturdays will work out better for our schedule. Sidenote: Thanks to *Plan to Eat and the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle (this is no longer available but the *Gut Health Super Bundle is available until 3/31/18), we are working our way to better meal planning, and eventually, healthier meal planning! Banana Stuffed French ToastFrench Toast Pigs in a Blanket

If you’ve been “following” me at all through these past few years, you’ll see that I’ve been on a journey to simplify. When my mind, space, and heart is a little less cluttered, it allows me to be free to enjoy those around me…I am probably more enjoyable too. 😉 In the past, I have hosted decluttering challenges, but because they were fairly short, there were always spaces I never got around to decluttering. I suppose we could have just chosen different ones to join in without a break but since they are shorter, they were usually more involved, which often leads to burnout. This year I chose to do it as a year-long process with Home Storage Solutions, which makes sense because stuff continues to come into our homes and hog up space, so we need to declutter things we don’t have a need for anymore. (An update to come soon!)

We read much and often around here, but I’m the only one who has reading goals because otherwise, I won’t make time for reading OR I’ll try to read all the things. There have been some amazing books released in the last year and coming up as well. We’ll never have enough time to read them all so I must curate a list of those that may help me with some of my other goals. Check out What I’m Reading in January [Book List]!


In other random news, I’m so proud to be a tiny part of the launch of my friend Kat Lee’s Hello Mornings book! Read about it here –> hellomornings.org/book | Buy it *here –> *amzn.to/2myZkmt I’m hosting the 30-Day Challenge in our HM Facebook community group of almost 4,000 women, and let me just say that if you want to keep accountable to doing your 3-Minute Morning, this will do it for ya! (I plan to lead a small group through the upcoming HM group session and study, as well as host a Hello Mornings book club, so make sure to grab your copy and join me!)

I will probably post on my own blog about the 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life coaching group with Crystal Paine. I’m not sure if/when registration will open up again, but I highly recommend her other courses *Make Over Your Mornings and *Make Over Your Year.

What have you been up to so far this new year?

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