A Life of Lovely

Have you ever felt like you were just broken? Like things were just wrong in your life and you didn’t know how to fix it? In this book, A Life Of Lovely, Annie F. Downs explains how to look for lovely even in the midst of hurt.

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*A Life of Lovely: The Young Woman’s Guide to Collecting the Moments That Matter by Annie F. Downs

Released: January 15, 2019
Publisher: B&H Kids

Page Count: 208
Age: 12-17 years

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In this book, Annie talks about struggles, but she also talks about how we can look for hope in our lives. Some of the struggles she talks about are being a quitter because she didn’t believe in herself and food addictions. And some ways she looked for hope was through community and God.

A Note from Melody’s Mom:

Any book that encourages young women to live a life that encourages those around them is an A+ in my opinion. There are so many messages out there that make young girls and women alike feel less than. And I think, too often, women send out these messages to one another too. It doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t have to be each other’s competition. We can be each other’s companion. We can be each other’s community. We should be celebrating one another’s wins and cheering one another on in our journeys.

Annie is someone who is a voice of courage and excitement. She brings biblical truth through her stories. She speaks encouragement to readers who may be fighting the negative messages of the world. She challenges young women to look for lovely in the midst of sadness, discouragement, and losses. She offers hope those who are hopeless by pointing them to Jesus.

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