Let’s Go Oakland!

Let’s go Oakland! Summertime is always filled with a lot of activities but we always try to make it to at least one Oakland A’s game every summer. This first game of the season for us was made possible by A’s Community Educational Program. The girls participated in the Homerun Readers Summer Edition program. To find out how to get your own tickets, check out THIS POST.

We went to the game and found that there weren’t that many people there. (And found out that if you got will-call tickets they’re really hard to get to-we had to pass several security points.) And this is Emily with her figure. It was Dave Stewart, and there were baseball cards included too.

Bigheads! They always do super great in their races. I wonder if they ever get hot inside. And if they’re heavy…I mean, who wouldn’t be hot and tired carrying a costume that big?

(Twisted) garlic fries…..what we love about A’s games. Go garlic fries!

The rules of the game. I forget every single year. Literally. I have to ask and say, “What was it again?” Fortunately, it wasn’t that bad this year and I remembered most of the rules. This is them playing. We saw a few home runs and they were winning 3-2 when we left but they actually won by a lot after we left at the 8th inning.

They built this new area called Championship Plaza. It’s really pretty and I liked it a lot. It was kind of hot on the bench, but where we were sitting in the stadium, it was windy so it was kind of cold.

There were lots of food trucks lined against the sitting/play area.

Giant Jenga! It got taller than Emily! I am so proud of these Jenga-er’s!

This is me doing Connect 4, actually, Giant Connect 4. I think there was more of my pieces than my moms’ pieces.

🙂 At the end. We declared it a tie since nobody wanted to put their pieces in even though it was my turn and also, I don’t think my mom had any pieces left.

Thinking. And thinking. It all went to the middle.

Us with a picture of the Stomper statue, the official Athetics mascot. (There are actually 50 of these around the East Bay area. Let us know if you want to go find them!) It’s covered with pictures of people who posted online (or are their followers). So I wonder if we made it on there. We didn’t stay there long enough to check, but if you ever go there and see Stomper, we actually saw the real one. He was only passing through though. But if you see THIS Stomper, the statue one which is done really well, then let us know if you see us. Good luck. Just kidding. You don’t have to do that.

Goodbye, Coliseum….until next time.

Going to home sweet home. And these are some murals under the BART tracks and freeway we saw on the way back home.

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