Favorite Homeschool Resources This Week

We’re thinking about sharing other favorite resources besides homeschool stuff. Let us know in the comments what you would find helpful – book/music/restaurant/food reviews/recommendations, kid activities, thoughts about family-related topics, or something else?

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*The Maestro Classics 12 CD Music Collection

We got The Sorcerer’s Apprentice a long time ago, but just recently rediscovered it! It is perfect to get kiddos interested in music. If you think about the musical scores in your favorite movies, you’ll remember the difference that it makes to draw you into the story. Imagine if there was no theme song to open up your favorite TV show or no dramatic sounds during a slow-mo scene as the football team scores the game-winning touchdown…or something like that…I only watch the games for game day food. :p It’s fun to explore different types of music. We’re passing this on and hoping to get the whole collection.

Get your own copy *HERE or HERE.

*Pass the Pig

Melody’s class has been using the game for review time and all the kiddos love it! It’s not this exact version, but you can find a bunch of different ones on Amazon, including one with giant inflatable pigs!

Get your own copy *HERE.

The Color-Changing Celery Experiment! by SciShow Kids

Other Faves:
These are not directly homeschool-related but we love *Smencils! They’re so fun to use while doing your schoolwork…so maybe they are (home)school-related. 🙂 A friend shared a *Famous Figures of the American Revolution book which look like a fun and different way to learn about history. Another one we are looking forward to is *SQUILT Music Appreciation.

CLICK HERE to check out other favorite homeschool resources.

What are some of your current favorite school resources?

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