A Mid-Month Update [February 2018]

Hello February!

I see a fresh start every day because #momlife #wifelife is crazytown some days, but it is nice to “physically” turn the page to a new start. If January didn’t go accordingly, here’s to a new month. Let’s do this! 👊🏼 – Joyce

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We kicked off the month with an early birthday celebration for the new 11-year-old. And it was a fun surprise addition to our day to receive a text that her long-time dearest friend who moved away was back in town for a few hours. Melody requested a “breakfast” celebration so bagels were picked up, quiches were brought, Chinese buns (“baos”) were made, and a breakfast casserole was attempted (because it’s always a good idea to try to make something new and different before your guests arrive…luckily, a certain 8-year-old makes the best sous chef).

A great reminder for days we celebrate the birth of our children. Not just grace because we may have overindulged on goodies 🍩 and not in a disappointed-over-our-imperfections kinda way but grace because we are all a work-in-progress people/parents who have been given grace so we are able to offer it to others. ❤ 

Thanks, Barnes & Noble for the free birthday treat – Triple Chunk Chocolate Chip Cookie! We don’t typically take advantage of all the free birthday deals but this birthday girl is so sweet and never asks for much. She is always thinking of others and even split the cookie with her little sis.

Rhythm of Rest and Work

While we still don’t feel fully “recovered” from our sickness at the end of last year (still so many sick people out and about!), we are trying to find our rhythm of rest and work again. Norm is getting into a groove at his new work and so we made our first CC family presentation without him. The girls had Scantron testing. I’m probably the most un-“Tiger Mom” I know but I am proud of how well they did on their tests.

Last year we flew across the country and visited Washington DC. We walked and walked and walked in the 90-degree heat at the National Mall and toured the Library of Congress and whispered in the Supreme Court and more, but there was one building we didn’t quite get near…lots of security and something about an Easter Egg Roll. 😛 Over the winter break, Norm and Emily worked together on this 3D puzzle. It was our first 3D puzzle…well, theirs…it was slightly overwhelming to this HSP. Good teamwork, team!!

For the past 18-ish months we have been so blessed and humbled to be a part of a group of wonderful, beautiful people doing life-on-life discipleship. We have shared, discussed, learned, taught, ate and ate some more :p (maybe next round, it’ll be “ate and exercised”?), prayed, been prayed over, laughed, cried, celebrated, grieved… It was wonderful to gather with others in different groups earlier this week. Now we are praying over the next season…

Local Adventures

We haven’t visited this local gem in a while so the kiddos brought the grandparents for a mini-adventure. Apparently, a large wedding party was also at the Japanese Garden there for a mini-adventure. :p If you are local, make sure to check this place out. I think it is intended to be a quiet, reflective place, so be mindful of who you bring along for the adventure.

Goal Get ‘Em!

Some updates on goals…

We are still at it with cooking more and trying new recipes. Some are hits and others are misses and still, others cause allergic reactions, oh my!

Reading continues to happen. We shared about some of our favorite reads during our family presentation and it sparked many conversations with friends about reading and books. Another post for another day. 😉 Here is a look at What I’m Reading in March if you want to grab your books now and join me. The girls usually pick up stacks of 20-40 books each week at the library so I can’t list those but they are ready and willing to give recs if you want some.

Our piles are growing! No, I didn’t all of a sudden become anti-clutter-free. Read more about what Melody is up to for her birthday month and see how you can be involved in the Care Packages Packing Fun!


In other random news…

The girls love their baby cousin!

Norm and I watched *Beauty and the Beast for a home date (remember the aforementioned slow-recovery process). I don’t think our girls would like how “dark” this one is, but the small changes from the Disney version added more connection to the characters in the story. I guess Gaston played his part well because I didn’t like him at all. :p But that library in the movie…swoon! ❤ :p hahah! The costumes and sets were also fabulous and detailed.

Norm and Emily had watched and enjoyed *Zootopia at one of the church movie events. I didn’t really know the storyline, but I watched the last half and was surprised by how much I liked this movie! There were some parts I didn’t care for, but mostly I laughed a lot and there are some really good discussions to be had if you are one to talk with your kiddos about messages and relationships between characters in movies.

As long as you “follow me,” you’ll have to hear about *this book. It is a game-changer and I am so glad I happened upon Kat’s old blog before Inspired to Action when I was a mama of little littles. It’s pretty much available everywhere books are sold, but we happened to be at B&N for a certain girl’s free birthday treat. Make sure to grab your copy…and one for a friend. They’ll appreciate it. Great tips even if you’re just looking to work on Plan Time and Move Time!

Read more about how I sometimes get free books
>>> facebook.com/moychronicles/posts/1346369572174355?pnref=story

The girls really liked *Annison’s Risk.


What have you been up to so far this February?

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