Favorite Homeschool Resources This Week

We’re thinking about sharing other favorite resources besides homeschool stuff. Let us know in the comments what you would find helpful – book/music/restaurant/food reviews/recommendations, kid activities, thoughts about family-related topics, or something else?

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*The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times

We have had The Story of the World books for many years now. The regular books are good reads. We’ve done the map work on and off from time to time from the giant activity book. We recently got the audiobooks since we have seen/heard so many people rave about them. They seem to be great for road trips and such. This is our first year listening to the stories and the girls love them more than I thought they would. (Note: We listen to one chapter once a week and we’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks.) We are listening to the chapter that correlates to the history sentence we are working on in Foundations. While the CD is playing, the girls work on a coloring page that goes with the chapter. And then we do the map work. None of us are audio learners so this is great practice for us to work on our listening skills. I also plan to use the test books this year. The questions are a bit hard if you don’t work through more than one activity from the activity book so they will be working together on the tests.

Get your own copy *HERE or get the books *HERE.

*Basher Science Human Body

We have a bunch of these Basher books but we’ve been reading this Human Body book as well as the Astronomy and Planet Earth ones since those are the topics we were currently studying. They make learning so fun (even for parents!), as well as make hard-to-understand topics and processes easier to understand. Sidenote (or warning, depending on what knowledge you want your kiddos to have right now): Sperm and Egg are two of the “characters” in this book, as well as Hormones if you’re ready to have a discussion.
 Get your own copy *HERE.

*FORAY Mini Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 11″x14″

Okay, to be honest, I did not think I would like having white boards in our home. If you have used white boards, you know the smell of the markers (even the low odor ones) and all the mess of the black (or whatever color you use) stuff that gets all over the place when you erase the board. We have a big board which we have yet to put up on the wall…probably the reason we don’t really use it. :p Well, this smaller board has been a game-changer and I’m going to get another one…or two. The girls love their board!! We use it for everything. They do review work. I use them to teach new concepts. They draw on them. When we have a break, I can write an encouraging note on them. Yes, the markers are still smelly and black stuff still get all over the place, but so far there are more pros than cons.

Get your own board + dry erase marker *HERE, ultra fine markers *HERE, or dry erase marker *HERE.

Kids Learning Tube

Other Faves:
National Number Knockout
– *Crayola Colored Pencils, 50 Count

CLICK HERE to check out other favorite homeschool resources.

What are some of your current favorite school resources?

*Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a tiny percentage if you make a purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. We received one or more items for review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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