Books for Young Readers [August 2017]

Here’s a look at some new resources from Zondervan this month for your family:

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*Little Jesus, Little Me

Sweet book with the main character being Jesus as a little toddler. This is my favorite from the stack. We always picture as a grown man doing ministry work but we forget that He really want God in human form and He experienced all the things we did growing up – minus the Internet and such. – Joyce (Mom)

Get your own copy *HERE.

*Once Upon a Time Bible for Little Ones

The book is comprised of popular Bible stories in simple words for little ones to understand. Each story ends with a Happily Ever After example or reminder of God’s love for us. – Joyce (Mom)

I like the baby Moses story. Little kids will like the stories. I recommend it for bed time stories. – Emily (8)

Get your own copy *HERE.

*The Beginner’s Bible Complete Book on Audio CDs

If you’re familiar with The Beginner’s Bible, this is the Bible PLUS audio CDs of the stories. If you have an audio learner or just a kiddo who loves to listen to stories, this is a great way to introduce them to the stories through spoken words to go along with the words in the Bible book. – Joyce (Mom)

Get your own copy *HERE.

*If You’re Happy and You Know It

The title says “A Sing-Along Book” but they should have put “A Rap-Along Book” because that’s how I always read rhyming books. :p The illustrations are super cute and at the end of the book, there is sheet music for the song if someone knows how to play the notes. – Joyce (Mom)

Get your own copy *HERE.

*Brave Beauty

I really like this one for tween girls. There are 100 mini-chapters (hooray! I love short chapters!) on topics that girls deal with on a regular basis. Some chapters have mini-quizzes to get the girls thinking on the topic. Other chapters have a call-to-action with practical tips. And still, other chapters have journaling questions. But they all end with a “Courageous Call” (prayer) related to the chapter’s topic. Being brave in this stage of life is challenging and this book helps tween figure out how to be more fearless with God on their side. – Joyce (Mom)

“Last Wednesday I had an EEG (click THIS link to see what that is). The night before I opened this devotional and started to read.

On Wednesday afternoon I had my audition for a choir. It was, to me, the most life-changing, stressful thing ever.

I was stressed out that day. But I faced it. Before all of this, my mom asked me if I wanted to face it. And I told her yes. Sometimes, we have challenges we have to face. I like this devotional because it helped me through some tough days. It helped me to be brave. And I found out all I have to do is be me – Melody.” – Melody (10)

Get your own copy *HERE.

*NIV Inspiring Words Holy Bible

Is it a coloring book? Is it a Bible? It’s both! This is a complete Bible with 52 pages of inspiring words throughout to color. A great way to have inspiration stand out as you read the Word. – Joyce (Mom)

Get your own copy *HERE.


Little Jesus, Little Me – Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook | Goodreads
Once Upon a Time Bible for Little Ones – Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook | Goodreads

The Beginner’s Bible Complete Book on Audio CDs – Coming Soon! | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook | goodreads | BookLook Bloggers
If You’re Happy and You Know It – Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook
Brave Beauty – Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads
NIV Inspiring Words Holy Bible – Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads

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