A Back-to-School Tradition

It’s that time of year – back-to-school season! Remember when the sales on school supplies started at the end of August and we school started after Labor Day? Well, gone are those days!

Our family is not particularly great at keeping traditions, but we great at eating ice cream, so I guess having a “surprise” back-to-school lunch at the Ice Creamery Sunday after church the week school starts is a good tradition. In the past, we’ve driven past our house and the girls ask where we’re going. This is the first year in six years that Melody remembered that we do this every year. :p

Ignore that I (Joyce) have a very limited wardrobe selection and that we are slightly in a state of frazzledness/dishelvedness…certain Sundays are full for us.

2017 – Fifth and Third Grade


2016 – Fourth and Second Grade


2015 – Third and First Grade


2014 – Second Grade and Kindergarten


2013 – First Grade and Pre-K


2012 – Kindergarten and Preschool

We never remember to take those first and last day of school photos so this will have to do. 🙂 They aren’t always the most framable photos (and besides our wedding, we actually never had professional photos taken) but we love having these moments captured.

Does your family have back-to-school traditions?


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