Fremont Main Library [Library Tour]

First in our Library Tour Summer Series is Fremont Main Library.

This is the front of the library. You can’t see it, but there’s also benches where you can sit and a return book drop at the front of the library.

Instead of electronic book returns, they have a hole in the wall that you drop your books in. We returned our books that we got from Castro Valley Library in the slot.

One of the exhibits was a seed exhibit. As you can see, it includes seed books. It is located near the adult section.

In this library, unlike the Castro Valley Library, there are two floors. So we went up two flights of stairs to the research section.

The children’s area is near the front.

We spotted this and thought it was cool. The bright part is where it’s daytime. The dark part is where it’s night.

This is us in the children’s area. I saw books in the children’s area and immediately started plucking them off the shelves. They weren’t at our library, that’s for sure!

Emily put a coin into the wishing well. It’s kind of loud, but I like the quote.

There’s a whole other section for series books! It was sort of like a secret place…so I didn’t go in there.

There’s only one checkout stand in the children’s area, besides the ones outside the security.

I liked all of the art pieces. Some of them were digitally designed and some of them were drawn.

This is actually the view from the children’s area past the computers.

I liked this dome at the front.

We took a selfie at the end before we left. Bye, Fremont Main Library!

Not included in the pictures…the art exhibits. There was a showcase one, in a case, and one like photography upstairs in the research section.

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