Journaling Bible for Kids

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NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition

Released: October 18, 2016
Publisher: Zondervan
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We have been fascinated by all the fun and creative ways people are journaling in their Bibles! The Instastories and other videos we’ve seen on Instagram has intrigued us. (Our favorites, of course, is Illustrated Faith.) So here we are with our journaling Bibles. By we, I mean the girls because really, I can only be creative with the help of Pinterest and MOPS friends.

We shared our experience with the *Illustrated Faith Starter Kit in the post Bible Journaling Newbies, but I thought some of you would be interested in the journaling Bible the girls own as well. We are definitely newbies, so we don’t have much experience with other resources or Bibles, but we have been happy with these Bibles.

We love that they kind of show of the girls’ personalities, and they are beautiful…both the girls and the Bibles. 😉

– Melody’s NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition, Hardcover, Purple, Elastic Closure
Emily’s NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition, Hardcover, Turquoise, Elastic Closure (or on Dayspring if are also getting other items from there and want to get free shipping for orders $50+)

As you can see, the covers are gorgeous with a “shine” to them, which the girls love. They are simple – just the basics, no extras to distract from the Word itself. And there is space to write, paint, draw, sticker, and create to your heart’s content! You can’t tell from the above photo, but you can see in the photo below there are lines in that empty space.


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  1. Do they have journals for boys? I would love to get some for my 14 year old daughter and 12 year old son! So cool!


    1. I’m not sure if they have ones for boys. They have ones that are more plain for adults. It’s really only the cover that is designed/different. The inside is just straight Scripture.


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