Happy January!

Hello and Happy New Year from the Moys!

New year, new blog!?! Sure, why not? You know us Moys…we like to try crazy things.


Our Sites + Blogs Through the Years

We have had a few websites through the year. When we first started our first blog and website, it was to journal our engagement, wedding, and life. That was back in 2003-2005. We started a website with lots of photos to document our wedding, growing family, and a move across the Bay. That was in 2005-2008. We landed on a blog to share current happenings with our family and friends around the world – from London to Singapore to Hawaii to Wales, from Hong Kong to Oregon to China to Georgia, and of course, all over California! That was not so long ago in 2009-present day! But with the URL joyceandnorm.wordpress.com and with lots of scattered and unfocused ramblings, it was even hard for us to keep up with the Moys! :p

Our Hopes for Our Site

So, here we are with a new site, and one that all of us Moys will be contributing to this year and beyond! Did you know the littlest Moys are making their way into the blogging world? They love sharing stories and style on their own personal blogs, and they have always contributed their thoughts to our reviews (and giveaways) on our review blog (which will now be hosted here)!

Each week, we hope to share a little about:

  • our real-life faith in the stuff of the everyday.
  • the small adventures of our small family.
  • our food and restaurant findings.
  • other fun stuff like books, places, music, and more!

Let’s call this an experiment of sorts. You can always leave us comments or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

The Moys – Norm, Joyce, Melody, and Emily

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