Museum of the Bible Books

This summer, we were doing Bible trivia. I thought, "How do these people know so much? They must read their Bibles more than I do!" Honestly, though, I DO know something. I know that Jesus came down to Earth to set us free from our sins and that he died on the cross and rose again.... Continue Reading →

Maverick and Me

I know there are many people and animals out there who are lost or lonely. When I saw this story, I was really moved by how one person's action led to a very happy dog in a loving family. So now, I think it's great to have compassion, just like the woman in the story... Continue Reading →

Love You Always

Love you always. Sometimes, depending on which kind of family you're from, it's hard to believe you are truly loved. And I get that! Maybe your family is fighting. Or you can't stand the price of food these days. But deep inside, even when my family is fighting (or when I'm the one fighting!) I... Continue Reading →

God Our Maker Series

These two books from Gary Bower's God Our Maker series are adorable. God Paints the World and God Loves the World are great books to start a little library for a new little one. You know I love a book with a good rap rhyme. The illustrations stand out with bright colors and will be... Continue Reading →

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