Shelter In Place Survey for Youth!

After I posted my Shelter In Place Reflections forms and journaling pages, the girls decided they wanted to make something for youth so here are some surveys. Not bad for their first-ish time during Google Forms. It’s a beta version so let us know what you think – what can be added or adjusted? Thanks! – Joyce

1. Shelter In Place Reflection Sheets

Shelter In Place drawing sheets are available HERE but they are a work-in-progress. For kids, they can do drawings or draw an emoji to represent their answers to the questions. For even younger kids, you can print out a sheet of emojis and have them choose. This can prompt discussions and maybe emotions you didn’t know they (and/or you!) were feeling at this time.

2. Kids Edition by Emily, age 10

Emoji edition:

Note: I can’t get the form to work right now, but you can use the link.

3. Teens Edition by Melody, age 13

Note: I can’t get the form to work right now, but you can use the link.

In the comments, share an emoji with how you’re feeling today, share your favorite COVID-19 meme, or share your favorite resource (lunchtime art doodle tutorials, online yoga class, interactive map of stats…).

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