The Tech Museum of Innovation

The last time our school had a field trip to the Tech Museum, we were really little, about 3 and 5, so we decided not to go. This time, since we’re older now, we got to go to the Tech Museum!

Captions by: Melody (10)
Photos by: Dad Norm + Mom Joyce
More info here –>

Getting to The Tech Museum

We took the freeway and there was traffic because we kept on stopping and going. Side Note: If you have motion sickness, eat something before you leave the house. So we got there and we parked in the parking garage except when we got out of the car, we couldn’t figure out how to get out of the convention center parking garage! So we were saved when we saw our friends who coincidentally happened to be looking for a way out of the garage, too, and then we walked out together. (You have to go to the ground level through the convention center lobby.

Upper Level (Exhibits)

1) Innovations in Health Care

This was our first stop. Scientists have to think about what they’re doing before they make it.

You can also do things to help you understand the concept, too.

This is what our skin would look like if our cells changed even slightly. Ewww! (But the colors look nice!)

So if you held out your arms, you could make cells multiply. My sister and I made so many cells, they looked like we were the same person!

2) BioDesign Studio

A man, who looked like he either a volunteer or staff member, came up to us and told us, “You should go to the microscope activity before there’s a line.” So we went there and there was a scientist from Stanford University there who told us about cells and DNA.

We put swabs on the inside of our mouths and rubbed it on the slide. Then we had to put the dye on the slide. After that, we put water on the slide.

So the last part of our tour of our cells was that we got to see them, too. We also got to see other cells on slides – blood cells, animal cells, and more!

3) Reboot Reality

We drew on this blank canvas-looking like iPad thing. I drew a heart. There was also a look into the “future of San Jose.”

4) The Tech for Global Good

There are little stations where you can sit and watch some videos of inspiring stories of people trying to solve some of the world’s problems. There’s about 6 videos at each of the 3 stations.

5) Body Worlds Decoded

This is the current main exhibit that is being featured. Since we’re studying human anatomy this year, we also decided to go to visit Body Worlds Decoded.

We also checked out a device with augmented reality that let us see different parts of the body that wasn’t actually in front of us as we were walking around.

Below is a picture of a standing woman.

That’s the singer (our family). Their tracheas are bigger because they exercise them a lot.

Looking at intestines on the tablet!

The body. We couldn’t touch this. He was demonstrating how the body would look if we were to dissect it.

You got to stand in front of a screen and do something, and the screen would show your insides!

Ground Level

6) Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater

Since we are studying American History this year, we paid a little extra to watch the movie that was showing in the IMAX Theater – Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West. It was a little scary at some points, and also you felt like you were really moving/tilting with them.

7) New Venture Hall – Event space

8) The Tech Store – Find special gifts, books, and unique Silicon Valley items, plus educational materials.

9) The Tech Cafe presented by Tony Caters

We ate lunch here. Emily had the Classic Mac and Cheese, I had Basil Pesto pasta which you could tell was fresh, my mom had a Grilled Cheese Panini, and my dad had The Cheesesteak.

Lower Level (Exhibits)

10) Exploration Gallery

It has sort of a space theme.

My mom and I walked in as my dad got in this chair, and I was wondering what would happen to him. So all you have to do is follow the light and turn the chair. I would get really dizzy!

11) Social Robots – Design, build and program a real robot using sensors, controllers and activators. We didn’t get to this area but our friends loved it!

12) The Tech Studio

We got to build the Internet with routers and servers, and firewalls kept the Internet safe.

13) Body Metrics

I wanted to go to this one because you can find, well…what your body looks like and your “inner” you.

That’s me trying desperately to get all of them 🙂 I never did, but, hey! I got 14!

14) Cyber Detectives

We got to chose whether we wanted to go on an espionage mission or a sabotage mission, and we picked espionage. There was a video where we received our assignment.

Emily is trying to change the password into a more secured one.

Thanks for a great time, Tech Museum!

At the end, we got a medallion and two pressed pennies.

At the group entrance of the museum is this Science on a Roll ball machine. You can watch the balls go up and then roll back down.

Emily’s fave: Cyber Detectives

Melody’s fave: Body Metrics

Joyce’s fave: BioDesign Studio

Norm’s fave: Jet Pack Simulator

Some Notes + Tips from Melody’s Mom:

  • This was our first time at The Tech Museum. We would definitely go again for a field trip to see new exhibits. Very education, hands-on, and fun! Staff was super friendly and helpful with the whole (field trip) process. They were accommodating and flexible.
  • Tip #1: The library’s Discover and Go program gives you a discount, but not a huge discount. We calculated that our fam of 4 would have been $80+ plus parking, gas, and food.
  • Tip #2: If you plan to go on your own, add these types of things to your budget because these little extras in life that can add up over time. Okay, moving on from my detailed-orientated personality and finance-degree self…
  • Tip #3: Look at what the museum has to offer BEFORE you go so everyone is able to pick one thing they don’t want to miss. That way, it doesn’t get to the end of the day and everyone’s tired but you’ve only seen the exhibits that you were passing by instead of the ones you really wanted to see.
  • They also have Sensory Friendly Hours, which are the hours I probably should go, because all the things can be a bit overwhelming. They host hundreds of kids each day, but do a pretty good job of keeping everyone in check and with their chaperones.
  • The Tech Museum is across the street from Plaza de César Chávez where Christmas in the Park is during Christmastime, so we made our way over after 5 hours at the museum. There are also a lot of fun locations to visit in San Jose. If you aren’t in San Jose often and don’t have time limitations, look to see what activities your family would like to do and make a day of it. I saw that we were also close to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo but it was closed on this day that we were in the area.
  • After your visit, don’t forget to put in your Tech Tag info on their site. You can see all your scores from the games you play or see the things and pictures you created and more!

Have you been on a local mini-adventure lately? Where did you go?



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