Watermelon Art [Afternoon Art]

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First in our Afternoon of Art Summer Series is Watermelon. (This post is by Melody.)

An Afternoon of Art

After we went to the park, we did an art project from Home Art Studio (2nd Grade). Home Art Studio is like a built-in teacher, like a personal tutor, kind of. We were going to do the first art project, which was watermelons, at the time.

Supplies + Materials

These were all the supplies we used in the project. As you can see, we used watercolor paint, watercolor paper, round paintbrushes, a tray, a black Sharpie, and a pencil. (You can see a list at the end of the post.)

There were the specific materials.

What We Did

The lesson started out with drawing one watermelon in the center.

This lesson involves overlapping and I thought that I could go freely with my watermelon. So I made five watermelons.

Then we traced the pencil drawings with a Sharpie pen.

There were the exact paints we used. She didn’t use the same brand as we did, so we were a little confused on the shades. But at the end, we finally had the right colors to make our watermelon – Chrome Green, Lemon Yellow, and Vermillion. (We were arguing over Vermillion and a darker red. But don’t you think Vermillion looks orange on the label?)

We also needed cups and water (not in the DVD’s list of materials) for the project, since it was watercolor paint, for watermelon. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water? :p

The instructor, Lindsey Volin, told us that watermelons are made up of 92% water. No wonder they’re so juicy! But I wonder…what gives them their red color?

You basically follow along with the instructor as she paints and draws along with you. At first, she read a Vietnam folktale about watermelons. It related to the summer-y project we were doing – yum! (This 2nd grade DVD is related to folktales, fables, and nursery rhymes.)

One lesson that I learned in this painting is that you can’t put too much water. Or paint. Or else you’ll end up having a not-so-great looking, moldy watermelon when the red and green watercolor mixes!

We finished our night happily by watching a movie and playing a game. We did do a puzzle too. So that brings me to a conclusion of our first summer day! Exciting and happy.

Here are the materials we used:

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