Hayward 9/11 Memorial


Captions by: Melody
Introduction and Photos by: Joyce
More info here –> hayward911memorial.com

It has been awhile since we’ve been on a mini-adventure, so off we went after our weekly trip to the library! I read about the new memorial being built last year, and we haven’t had a chance to go visit, but I had the Hayward Library on my mind because we love a good library and it looks like it’s going to be awesome when it’s done! Anyhow, the Hayward Library and the Memorial are diagonal-across the street from one another that’s where we found ourselves this afternoon. What happened on September 11th is truly something I will never forget, and while the girls weren’t even alive when it happened, it has made an impact on them. I’m sure there will be more discussion to come in the future as we study history and the world around us.

Started at the Library

Today we went to the library and below is a picture of us when we were walking out of the library. Then we decided to go to the 9/11 memorial.


The memorial is across from the new Hayward Public Library, which is currently being built.


To get to the memorial, you have to go down a path from the old City Hall.


Hayward 9/11 Memorial

When we got there there were 4 black blocks that each represented a plane that crashed. There were also brown blocks around that which represented the different people who came to the rescue. There were also people’s names engraved into the ground that I think donated, or served in the 9/11 situation. I didn’t read all of the names.


There was an American flag in the middle with an American bald eagle at the top and a caption and the name of the memorial at the bottom. There were also pictures on the 4 blocks of the buildings that were crashed. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, one flew to the side of the Pentagon, another one was planning to go to Washington D.C. but instead crashed way off course into a field in Pennsylvania.


Ended at the Park

The visit ended with us going to the park, which is right behind the memorial. The memorial is actually much smaller then you would think it would be. Below is a photo of me and Emily (who is behind me) climbing the rock wall.


What are some of the interesting local-to-you spots you have visited as a tourist in your own town? If you are in the SF Bay, where are some of your favorite places to visit or where would you like to go visit?

Other 9/11 Stuff:
– We really enjoy this book about a blind man and his dog, who helped many when the World Trade Center was falling – (affiliate link) Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson and Susy Flory.

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