Disclosure Policy

The purpose of MoyChronicles.com is to share our family’s daily adventures. This includes sharing about resources, products, and places we love!

Any purchases you make using affiliate links on our site will give us a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you, and will go back into expenses that make this site possible (i.e. domain, server, website costs, and other techie stuff I don’t understand). Thank you for supporting our stories!

When we write reviews for products which we have received, all views and opinions of the products are our own. We will not promote a product we have not had personal experience with. Reviews for other companies will always be identified as such. We will only recommend products that we personally use and promote companies we have personally worked it.

We value your trust and will not post about products just for the sake of creating buzz. You can always email us with any questions or concerns.

This policy was last updated February 4, 2017.

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