Scarlett’s Spectacles

I like this book because it talks about our feelings and how we can be glad, sad, grumbly, happy, and other emotions. It also shows that when we wake up we can choose ourselves what we can feel, but that we also have to think about what other people think about you feeling grumbly or... Continue Reading →

The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff

The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff is about three friends who find themselves in a money organization whose motto is Give, Save, Live! They give money to charity, and they save money so they can live. by Emily, age 10 *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. *The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff... Continue Reading →

Books for Young Readers [July 2019]

Here's a look at some new resources from Zondervan this month for your family: *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here. Zondervan Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram *The Beginner's Bible First 100 Bible Words Emily (age 10): The word and fun illustrations go with the Bible story teaching them about the... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Asia Adventures [Hong Kong 2019]

Welcome to the daily recaps from our Hong Kong trip. Each post will include highlights of the day, followed by a summary by Melody (age 12), then photos (by Joyce (mom) and Norm (dad)) with captions by Emily (age 10). We will be sharing reviews to the places and restaurants we visited after the recaps... Continue Reading →


Has anyone ever given you something you didn't deserve? Maybe someone treated you to a yummy dessert just because you're friends. Maybe someone finished a book and passed it on to you to read. God showers grace on all of us and we read more about it in this new book GraceFull. *Note: This post... Continue Reading →

The Silent Noisy Night

Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright We can agree that when babies are sleeping, it can be nice and peaceful. We talk in whispered voices and walk quietly so the baby doesn't wake. But we can also agree that a newborn's arrival is a cause for celebration. Family and friends call... Continue Reading →

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